First preference

Employer: Dr Jade Scott, Founder, Western Region Health

VU alumnus Dr Jade Scott is a firm advocate of osteopathy graduates from VU’s double degree program. She regularly employs VU graduates to help build her health empire in the west because of their relevant knowledge and skill.

"As a lecturer of the very course I studied at Victoria University, I know that what the students are learning is really relevant in the industry today.

To become a registered osteopath, students must complete both the Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and the Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). The internship program in the final year gives students the opportunity to work in an established practice and prepare for the real world.

It is this practical experience that makes VU graduates such good osteopaths.

This is why VU students are my first preference – I sometimes offer them a position in my Western Region Health clinics up to two years before they graduate.

I’m happy with the VU graduates I employ. Today I have nine working for me in my clinics, and a VU student on placement.

I’ve always employed VU graduates. Some of them have used their experience with me as a stepping stone to open their own clinics."

Industry snapshot

Osteopathy is not an alternative health option – osteopaths are university-trained, government registered, allied health professionals. Currently an osteopath undertakes a five-year university degree to achieve registration in Australia (Osteopathy Australia).


Osteopaths help identify the cause of pain or injury and develop a safe, effective course of action to manage it. Osteopaths also treat patients with asthma, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, tennis elbow, whip lash and more (Osteopathy Australia).

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