First-class apprentice training

Employer: Ben Wooding, General Manager, SGA Engineering (Australia)

Company snapshot

SGA Engineering (Australia) is a thriving business that designs, manufactures and erects more than 1000 tonnes of structural steel a year. Based in Melton, it relies on its skilled workforce to meet the needs of a wide range of customer. Projects can range from metal art furniture to warehouses to train cabins.

SGA Engineering is committed to workplace and trade training, believing Australia’s future will depend on the next generation of workers having highly-developed skills. Since the business opened in1995, SGA have used VU exclusively as the training provider for its apprentices.

"Apprentice training is an integral part of developing our workforce, and ensuring our business is competitive now and well into the future.

We are currently training five apprentices. We send them to VU because of the high standards of equipment, workshops and reporting procedures, as well as the quality of the training and our company’s good rapport with teaching staff.

We show the apprentices the practicals of how and why they need to do things, and at VU they learn the technical bits. The apprentices coming out of VU have been taught to do thing properly, their skills are essential to the success of our business."

Industry snapshot

There is a global move towards building multi-level buildings with steel. There are a number of reasons for this, including the low cost, fast construction time and advances in technology that all make steel both safer and more economical. Steel is becoming popular in bushfire prone areas due to its high fire resistance.

What you can do

MEM30305 - Certificate III in Engineering (Fabrication Trade)