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Intrax Consulting Engineers are a renowned international supplier of engineering, surveying and geotechnical services. Managing Director and CEO Barry Borzillo, and his cousins, Executive Directors Danny and Robert Borzillo, all studied at VU predecessor Footscray Institute of Technology (FIT).

As well as taking on VU students and graduates, Barry, Danny and Robert also stay in contact with many lecturers and classmates from their time at FIT. Intrax works closely with the College of Engineering to do product or material testing. The company employs over 250 staff across Australia and in China, with many coming from VU.

Robert Borzillo

“Intrax works with VU to provide vacation employment for VU students and a graduate program. Several VU students have come on board with Intrax and through that program.

As an employer in the industry we see VU as providing students with an education in engineering but, more importantly, also the confidence to take on real-life jobs much quicker than comparative tertiary institutions.”

Danny Borzillo

“VU graduates are excellent. They come to our workplace with a really good work ethic. I find that they come in and really roll up their sleeves and they show a willingness to learn.

Our workplace has more than 200 people working for us and I would say that the percentage of VU students that work for us right now would be 10%. At least 20 people from VU are currently at Intrax. In fact, probably more.”

Industry snapshot

Building and construction is one of Australia's biggest and most important industries. It is currently the fourth largest contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the Australian economy and plays a major role in determining economic growth.

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