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Confidence in coaching Victory youth

Third year Bachelor of Sport Coaching student Emmanuele Sambenedetto is getting career-ready through his new role as the Melbourne Victory Youth Development U20 Strength and Conditioning Coach.

“Through online research I discovered that VU was recognised as one of the leading sports universities in the world. That’s why I chose to move to Australia and come to VU.

I love all the subjects that I have studied during my three years in the bachelors degree.

I’ve found the teaching methods to be excellent, and the staff and coordinators are always available. I’ve fitted into life at VU with ease and I feel like a part of this big family.

The staff are so supportive of myself and my colleagues. They give us advice and tools that we can put into practice in real life. Dr Fabio Serpiello, the coordinator of my project, gives me his total support to achieve my goals.”

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