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Nobel Subedi
VU will guide you from the time you start your education journey. If you are from overseas and want to feel welcomed, then this is the place where you can learn and grow at the same time.

Nobel Subedi
Bachelor of Information Technology

Following her curiosity about IT in everyday life, Nobel Subedi is thriving in her studies of web and mobile apps. She shares her story and how VU has supported her learning and growth.

“When I came to Australia from Nepal, I had very limited knowledge about computers and information technology in general.

“I realised one day that IT is used in every sector, whether it’s in healthcare, transportation, music, shopping, entertainment, or anything at all. We start our day with technology, which made me so curious to learn more about technologies that we use in our daily life.

“I still remember the day I was amazed by the pedestrian crossing lights at the traffic signal. I wondered, what sort of programming or coding does it need to work like that? I became very curious to know how it works.

“Then I decided to do a Bachelor of Information Technology . In my second year, I chose Web and Mobile Applications as my major as it can create better opportunities for me after finishing my degree. In every field we rely on different apps and websites every day, whether it’s ordering food, buying clothes or doing transactions online.”

Feeling welcomed & supported at VU

“I wanted to study in a multicultural and diverse environment where I can learn and interact with people from different backgrounds. VU embraces cultural differences and has culturally inclusive spaces for people like me who came from overseas.

“It is a friendly university where you can reach out to any lecturer for any of your queries. VU will guide you from the time you start your education journey.

“If you are from overseas and want to feel welcomed, then this is the place where you can learn and grow at the same time.”

Study success

The best thing about VU is the supportive lecturers, great learning environment and plenty of opportunities for students to take part in social activities, extracurricular activities and internship programs. 

“During my first year at uni, I still remember our lecturer Steve Batsas teaching us about blockchain technology with so much effort.

“Another best thing about VU is the VU Block Model . I enjoyed the whole concept of teaching one subject at a time. Because of this, I achieved great marks during my studies and learned a lot more while focusing on one subject at a time. I have found this modern way of teaching very impressive and helpful.”

Real-world work experience

“All the skills needed for new graduates in the IT industry are included in the VU curriculum. The course structures are very relevant with an exposure to industry experience projects.

“I took part in the SummerTech live programme conducted by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, which was an exciting opportunity to work in a paid internship for three months.

“I am very thankful to Dr Khandakar Ahmed from VU and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce for providing me with this opportunity, which was a great learning experience.”

Looking towards the future

“Leading companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google and IBM are utilising machine learning as a central part of their operations. Machine learning is our present and our future.

“That is why I would like to further continue my study by pursuing the Master of Applied Information Technology in Machine Learning, along with gaining skills in data science like data mining, data analysis and critical thinking.”

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