Balancing sport and studies? Too easy says Tanay!

Tanay Vidyadhar
Since I’m an athlete, studying under the Block Model helps me to concentrate on my studies and sports at the same time.

Tanay Vidyadhar (India)
Bachelor of Sport Science

As a rising soccer star, Tanay Vidyadhar has no trouble juggling his training and studies thanks to Victoria University’s (VU) innovative approach to teaching.

The international student and budding soccer player is studying VU’s Bachelor of Sport Science under the Block Model, which enables him to focus on one subject in four week ‘blocks’.

“Since I’m an athlete, studying under the Block Model helps me to concentrate on my studies and sports at the same time,” Tanay, who is studying at VU via digitally-supported remote (DSR) learning from Bengaluru, India, says.

“The class schedule is very lenient and gives you enough time to finish assignments and focus on your other hobbies or work.

“Apart from the Block Model, Victoria University is one of the top ranked universities in the world for the stream of sports science.”

Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic and unable to attend classes in person, Tanay is still enjoying studying online.

“It [DSR mode] is really a good way to conduct classes during times like these.

“The reputed professors of the University make the classes very interactive by hosting quizzes and giving out group work assignments, which helps you interact with your peers and develop your social skills.

"There are usually two to three batches of the same subject that are conducted at different times of the day which can help a student from different time zones log in at a time that is convenient to them.

“Before I was a student at VU, I was confused about how the classes would be conducted and a few other things, but there are many teachers and peers who will help you along the way.”

When the Australian borders reopen, Tanay says international students have many reasons to choose VU and Melbourne as their study destination.

“Melbourne is a very welcoming city to international students from all walks of life. They have numerous policies that benefit the lifestyle of students and help them develop their careers and life skills.

“Additionally, VU’s on-campus hostel facilities are less than five minutes away from the main campus and are very beneficial for students who will be using their accommodation facilities. They also have a campus in the heart of the city and many facilities that are accessible to students.”

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