Adding up to an accounting career

Zeel Patel
VU has given me the practical knowledge and exposure I need to achieve heights in my professional life.

Zeel Patel
Master of Business (Accounting)

Zeel Patel's interest in numbers and logic led her to study a Master of Business (Accounting) at VU. She shares how the practical knowledge she gained has counted towards her career.

“My whole family works in the accounting field. I love working with numbers and the fact that accounting is based on logic and methods. You don’t have to remember heaps of things for accounts – you just have to understand the logic behind it.

“I had studied a Bachelor of Accounting back in India. By the end of the coursework, I realised that there is still so much to learn in this field.

“Accounting is like an ocean, it’s very wide and deep, so I thought of studying bit more and decided to do a Master of Accounting .

“I did a lot of research on the universities in Australia, but Victoria University caught my attention because of the number of diverse courses it offers, and also due to the high level of student engagement activities. I also love the Block Model concept.

“VU is like family for me – I am missing my university life a lot!”

Getting job-ready with practical projects

“I think that VU has designed this course so well that I can relate almost everything to my professional life.

“We had so many practical projects. We used MYOB software in one of our projects and in another instance we audited a big national company.

“Apart from academics, I volunteered to take up a position in the VU Indian Club as a treasurer, which was kind of aligned to what I was studying.”

A growing accounting career

“VU has given me the practical knowledge and exposure I need to achieve heights in my professional life.

“After graduating from VU, I worked as junior assistant accountant in an IT company, and then for better opportunities and career growth I switched my job. Right now, I am working at Master Builders of Victoria as an accounts officer.

“Still, I feel that I am yet to learn so many things in the accounting field. I will try to keep myself updated and learn accounts in more depth during my professional life.

“Also, I am looking forward for what the future is holding for me and I will try to grab all the opportunities on my way, and maybe start my student life again.”

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