A passion for healthy living

Loandy Jourdan
VU has a lot of opportunities for students to work in part time roles while they're studying and build employability skills. Once I graduated, I got a job as a research assistant for Western Health.

Loandy Jourdan
Bachelor of Sport Science, Master of Global Public Health

While studying sports science at Victoria University (VU), Loandy Jourdan discovered a passion for helping and empowering people from diverse communities, leading him to postgraduate studies in global public health.

I remember when I arrived in Australia, I had such a great impression of VU. I’m French-Indonesian, and it was the first time that I’d seen a big university with such different campuses and great resources available.

I was always interested in health and sports, and VU is known for providing great courses in sports science. I was so impressed by all the services that VU provides, and I always felt welcome and supported while I was here.

Industry connections & engaging classes

I had a great experience studying my Bachelor of Sport Science. The lecturers did a great job at conveying the information clearly. The course also provides great resources and facilities and has a lot of connection with industry partners.

I was at VU when the University started transitioning into the VU Block Model®, so I got to experience both ways of studying.

With the VU Block Model, you have smaller classes and more support from your from your lecturers and classmates. It also meant we got more hands-on experience, which I thought was fantastic.

Going deeper into nutrition & health

One of my favourite subject areas while studying my sports science degree was nutrition. With the placements that I had the opportunity to do during my course, I really figured out that my passion was in helping and supporting communities. So that's why I decided to pursue my Master of Global Public Health.

The masters was fantastic. It was everything that I ever wanted. My major was in global nutrition and active living, but the course also provided a wide variety of units, so it taught me a lot of skills that I could use later on in life.

Support to succeed

I had a lot of student support while I was at VU. I had access to services such as the Wellbeing Centre, the Student Mentor program that helped me with assignments, and VU Employ, which helped with my resume and interview skills.

VU also has a lot of opportunities for students to work in part time roles while they're studying. It really helps really build your experience and also your employability skills to find work outside of uni. Once I graduated, I was able to find work as a research assistant for Western Health.

Developing skills for the future

I had such a great experience here at VU that I've always looked at opportunities that VU provides. I recently got a job as a training and development officer at the Student Services team here, managing the Student Mentor program.

In the future, my goal is to work for the World Health Organization. In my current role, I’m developing my skills to help support and empower individuals from diverse communities and backgrounds. I will also build my administrative skills, which will always help me in future roles.

I'm really proud to be part of VU as a graduate and now as an employee. VU is a great place to study – it’s a supportive and inclusive environment and there are so many great opportunities here.

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