Life in Melbourne

Melbourne is a vibrant, diverse city that hosts a variety of cultural events. You could eat out every night of the year and still not try all our restaurants. Our shopping includes the world’s largest retail brands as well as quirky home-grown stores.

Melbourne has:

  • Exciting festivals year round
  • The best shops and restaurants in Australia
  • Events for everyone throughout the year
  • Excellent public facilities such as sports arenas, museums and art galleries
  • World-renowned sports events
  • A relaxed and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Find out more about what's on in Melbourne or visit the Study Melbourne website for information about living in Melbourne.

Events in Melbourne

Melbourne offers everything from beautiful parks to world-class art galleries. You can check out the That's Melbourne website to learn more or find brochures and maps at the Melbourne Visitor Centre, located at Federation Square (opposite Flinders Street Station, corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets).

Things to do

While you are studying at Victoria University (VU) you can take advantage of opportunities and activities to help you see parts of Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

Melbourne is an ideal launching pad to see the rest of Victoria. Find out more by going to the Visit Victoria website.

Melbourne's sporting culture

The birthplace of Australian Rules Football, Melbourne's passion for sport is legendary. Each year it hosts major sporting events including the:

Beyond Melbourne

There are plenty of interesting places within easy driving distance from Melbourne including the:

Outdoor activities close to Melbourne include bushwalking, fishing, golf, horse riding, mountain biking and hiking, air sports (hot air balloons, skydiving and hang gliding), rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and white water rafting. Find more information at the Visit Victoria website.


Melbourne's climate is mild temperate, with four distinct seasons. Average temperatures in summer are 14-24C, in spring and autumn are 10-20C, and cool winters average 7-14C.

Find out more weather information at the Bureau of Meteorology website


Melbourne is a safe and friendly city. To help you stay safe, VU offers plenty of advice on staying safe:

  • in the streets
  • on campus
  • on public transport
  • off campus - in the home or in the water

Read more about campus safety and security or general safety advice.

Think before

Think before is a national campaign that advises international students living and studying in Australia about their safety. Feel free to tell your story, add a comment or ask questions using any of the Think before social networking channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Watch the Think before video to get some tips on staying safe while travelling around Melbourne. There are more videos related to this campaign available from the Think before YouTube channel.

After-hours hotline

VU also has an after-hours hotline (PDF, 399 KB). When offices on campus are closed, VU international students can now call 1800 758 350 for immediate advice and assistance on a wide range of issues such as health and safety concerns.


Getting around Melbourne by public transport is easy. Bikes and taxis are also an option, although taxis can be expensive.

Find out more about transport and parking options at VU. 

Public transport – trains, trams and buses

Melbourne has a public transport network of trains, trams and buses servicing all parts of the city and outer suburbs, including our campuses. It's reliable, safe and easy to use,


The MYKI public transport ticketing system uses a plastic smart card that you store value on to pay for your fares. It works in metropolitan Melbourne and on buses in some regional towns.

The Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website has comprehensive information on public transport including timetables, routes, maps, journey planners fares and concession cards.

International students find out more about the iUSEpass - a special discount public transport pass only for eligible international students. 


Bicycles are reliable and can help you get around town easily. There is bicycle parking at all campuses and bicycle hubs at Footscray Park and Footscray Nicholson campuses.

To plan a journey, view maps of Melbourne's bicycle paths and off road tracks

Read more about recreational cycling at the Bicycle Victoria website.

Victoria University accommodation

Our two university residences, UniLodge @VU and Victoria Place, are a convenient and safe option for your student accommodation.

Living near campus

If you do not want to live in a university residence, look for other accommodation options  in areas close to your campus. You can also get help searching for accommodation and advice on living and renting in Melbourne.

Australian culture

Indigenous people have lived in Australia from time immemorial and their culture continues to this day. Australia was colonised after 1788 and, especially since the end of the Second World War, people from all over the world have made their home here.

Australians value individual freedom, freedom of religion, and equality of the races and sexes. And Australian society has traditionally valued equality of opportunity for individuals, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.