Musings from two study abroad sport students

Coming to VU to study two units from the Bachelor of Outdoor Education and Environmental Science was the best decision of our lives!

As international study abroad students, we made enough memories to last a lifetime.

Here's why we love VU...

An instant connection

We felt these units gave us the best opportunity to develop deep connections with our peers right from the start of the semester.

By attending outdoor field labs, and exploring the beautiful outdoors in Victoria, our class of students became more like a family.

Our classes made it easy to connect with people all over the world and explore the natural surroundings of Melbourne and Victoria.

Together we overcame fears, learnt to take the harder option for optimal growth, and established trust between one another.

More than just the great outdoors

The outdoor units taught us about nature, adventure activities, gear and equipment, conservation, ecology and sustainability, group and resource management, and risk and safety.

We also learnt more about our personalities, our characters and what we're physically and mentally capable of.

Leadership, trust, community-building, friendships, self-worth, self-confidence, self-growth, integrity and a deeper connection to nature are just some of the things we gained.

Through the support of reflection, critical analysis, and individual problem-solving, we were able to better understand the relationships between people and their environments.

A word from Cassandra

The three outdoor field labs I attended were truly the best times that I had on my semester abroad.

I am eager to tell my friends and family about these memories now that I am back at my home university.

Starting from a class of strangers, our group was able to share personal thoughts and values despite the fact that we may not have known each other days before.

The outdoor setting had the power to bring the group together and allow people to feel comfortable outside their comfort zone.

This class was the best way to end my semester abroad.

A word from Tabea

My time at VU studying the outdoor units changed my life in a completely different way.

I was blessed with beautiful classmates, amazing trips and I met friends who have turned into family.

I am truly grateful for the time we spent together and I will never forget what I learned in these units, professionally and personally.

I've made memories to last a lifetime.

About the authors

Cassandra Kell-Cattrysse is from Western Ontario University, Canada, and Tabea Biesge is from the German Sport University Cologne, Germany.

Cassandra and Tabea studied Foundations of Outdoor Education and Adventure Sports (now Natural Environments 1) and Expedition Leadership (now Programming and Logistics in Natural Environments) run by Matthew Cox in Semester 1, 2018.