Activities & programs for students

We offer a broad range of engaging and informative programs for students throughout the year.

Choose from a range of events in our 'On Campus' series for your year 10 & 11 students, designed to give them first-hand experience of university life. Arrange for a campus tour & presentation for your year 12 students.

We also have several academic programs that help students transition to tertiary study.

Year 10 & 11 student 'On Campus' series


Students take part in a scavenger hunt, as well as hear a presentation from our Future Student Advisors. This is the best option for large groups of students, who do not have a specific focus.

When & where: 2 hour duration, Monday to Friday - Footscray Park

Suitable for a group of up to 200 students.

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This hands-on workshop introduces students to the latest design methods and tools used by graphic design professionals. They will have the opportunity to create a branding project with a unique point of difference that can be used in a portfolio.

When & where: 2 hour duration, Monday, Tuesday or Friday - Footscray Nicholson

Suitable for groups of up to 15 students.

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In our hands-on engineering workshops, students design and construct structures that withstand tsunamis or earthquakes, shock absorbing landing pads and wind turbines. The interactive activities focus on skills such as using measurement and design skills to prepare creative prototypes for their experiments.

When & where: 2 hour duration, Monday to Friday - Footscray Park

Suitable for groups of up to 30 students.

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Students interested in a health profession can experience a taste of the day-to-day life of a VU health student. Subject to campus and availability, students may also have the opportunity to tour our nursing and paramedic labs and facilities.

When & where: 1-2 hour duration, Monday to Friday - St Albans or Footscray Park

Suitable for groups of up to 25 students.

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Our interactive law workshop gives your students a chance to find out what it's like to study law and to become a lawyer. We'll take them through the transition from school into a university law course, the subjects they can study, and their career options once they finish. We'll also explore a criminal law case – students will be asked to piece together the clues and build the legal case!

When & where: 1-2 hour duration, Monday to Friday - City Queen or Footscray Park

Suitable for a group of up to 100 students.

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At this workshop, your students will learn what's involved in becoming a PE teacher. They'll participate in fun team-building games and activities, including stepping into their teachers' shoes by putting together a PE lesson. Students will also learn the basics of Biomechanics and explore the careers in the Sporting Industry.

When & where: 1-2 hour duration, Monday to Friday - Footscray Park

Suitable for a group of up to 100 students.

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Year 12 student visits

For students in year 12, we provide a campus tour as well as a comprehensive presentation about courses, careers options, pathways to study, and support services at VU.

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Activities for all year levels

Learn, Experience, Access Professions (LEAP)

The LEAP program aims to demystify the links between school, university and professions.

Students who had not considered studying at university get the opportunity to experience university life through various workshops and activities run by our academic colleges.

Visit the LEAP web portal to register your students for various workshops and activities in the:

Legal studies

The Michael Kirby Contract Law Moot Competition is a fascinating opportunity for students interested in legal studies to experience a simulation of live court room proceedings at our City Queen Campus.

Students are invited to attend as observers or volunteers.

VET in Schools (VETiS)

VET in School (VETiS) programs are generally completed over 1 or 2 years, and provide a qualification or partial completion of a Certificate II or III.

Find out more about our VETiS programs.

Early Uni Pathways program

Through our Early Uni Pathways program, we work collaboratively with partner schools in Melbourne’s West to introduce students to university study while they’re still at school.

The programs for Year 11 (Uni-Link) and Year 12 (Uni-Study) students help propel them into tertiary life, providing greater understanding of university and their options for the future.

Find out more about our Early Uni Pathways program.

Portfolio Partnership Program

The Portfolio Partnership Program (PPP) is offered to Year 12 students in VU partnership schools. This can be a great opportunity for your students to gain a place at VU as the program assesses applications based on the student's goals, achievements and community involvement, not just their ATAR.

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