Portfolio Partnership Program (PPP)

The Portfolio Partnership Program (PPP) is an alternative entry program for current year 12 students attending one of our partner schools.

PPP is about recognising you as an individual, not as a number.

Apply for PPP

Photo of Alice Sweeting with link to her success story

"I applied to VU through the PPP, which recognised the volunteer work I had done in my community in addition to my ATAR score."
Hear more from Alice Sweeting.

PPP applies to all VU courses offered through VTAC that require year 12 applicants to obtain a minimum ATAR, with the exception of the Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy).

To be eligible for admission under the PPP scheme, applicants must:

  • attend one of our partner schools
  • meet the minimum ATAR listed for the course of interest

  • meet any pre-requisites listed against the course in VTAC.

Applications for PPP are lodged through the VTAC Special Entry and Admissions Scheme (SEAS) Category 1. When prompted, applicants tick the YES option.

The application must then be endorsed by the Careers Advisor at the relevant secondary school by the VTAC SEAS deadline.

Minimum ATAR requirements

Minimum ATAR Course
70 Bachelor of Biomedicine
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical and Health Science
60 Bachelor of Biomedical and Exercise Science
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (Applied Finance)/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Bachelor of Paramedicine
Bachelor of Midwifery/Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Exercise Science (Sport Practice)

Rules & guidelines

  • You must apply for PPP through SEAS category 1 by the VTAC SEAS closing date. PPP nominations after this date will not be possible.
  • To be eligible for entry to a PPP listed degree course you must obtain the minimum PPP ATAR of the course (see minimum ATAR requirements). You must also meet tertiary entrance requirements and course requirements such as prerequisites.

After applying

If you have submitted an application for the PPP, wait for us to get in touch.

This should occur in the third week of December, if you listed a VU course with a minimum ATAR, and have been endorsed by your school.

Results below the minimum ATAR

For courses that require a minimum ATAR, you may still be considered for the course if you don’t meet the minimum. This is provided that you have applied for and qualify under other VU special admission programs.

Further information

Please speak to your PPP Coordinator or Careers Adviser for more information about the program.

If you have any specific questions about your portfolio you can also contact us at ppp@vu.edu.au.