If you are interested in studying but aren’t ready to start a full course, you should consider enrolling in one or more single units of study.

If you decide to apply for a course after you’ve completed a single unit, you can seek credit for that study when you apply for your new course.

Register your interest in single units of study

If you would like to study single units, please register your interest before the end of the second week of semester.

  • Semester 1, the last day to register your interest is 9 March 2018 (Semester 1 starts Monday 26 February).
  • Semester 2, the last day to register your interest is 3 August 2018 (Semester 2 starts Monday 23 July).

Once you’ve registered your interest we'll get back to you (within a week) with all the details on how to apply & enrol.

Register your interest in Applied Sports Statistics (MBI) unit – it's now offered as an assessed unit or a non-assessed unit.

Register your interest in studying single units

Reasons for taking single units of study

There are a number of reasons to study single units. You can try out university life or units that are part of the course you may be considering.

Single units of study are an ideal opportunity to:

  • quickly update your skills and knowledge in a specific area, or explore a new area (if you are considering a career change or seeking a promotion at work)
  • learn more about something that's always fascinated you (such as learning a new language)
  • save money, compared with studying a whole course.

Individual units may also be a stepping stone or pathway into further study. 

Services available after you enrol

When you enrol into single units of study, you'll become a VU student in every sense. You'll have access to:

Units available

We have a broad range of units that you can choose from covering areas of arts, business, engineering and IT, health, sport and recreation.

Units may be delivered across several campuses, so you have flexibility to attend classes at a location, day and time that best suits you.

Check our 2018 timetable planner to get an idea of when classes may run for your chosen unit.

AAH2002 The World before 1770 $2,046.25
ACF1003 Life Drawing $2,046.25
ACF2006 Drawing and Painting $2,046.25
ACL2001 Reading Contemporary Fiction $2,046.25
ACL2002 Studying Poetry and Poetics $2,046.25
ACM1006 Digital Sound and Video $2,046.25
ACP1055 Story: Transforming the Blank Page $2,046.25
ACW2020 Sex and Gender $2,046.25
AEK1203 Indigenous Health and Wellbeing $2,046.25
ASA1023 Community Development from the Local to the Global $2,046.25
ASA6005 Community-based Research (Part 1) $4,092.50
ASA6006 Community-based Research (Part 2) $4,092.50
ASL1003 Criminal Justice Systems $2,046.25
ASN1001 Online Screen Media $2,046.25
ASN1002 Introduction to Screen Media $2,046.25
ASN1003 Motion Graphics $2,046.25
EEC1104 Healthy, Active Individuals and Communities $2,046.25

BAO1101 Accounting for Decision Making $2,976.25
BAO3306 Auditing $2,976.25
BCO1102 Information Systems for Business $2,262.50
BEO1106 Business Statistics $2,262.50
BHO1171 Introduction to Marketing $2,976.25
BMO1102 Management and Organisation Behaviour $2,976.25

NEF1102 Engineering Physics 1 $2,262.50
NEF1103 Engineering and the Community $2,262.50
NEF1104 Problem Solving for Engineers $2,262.50
NEF1204 Introduction to Engineering Design $2,262.50
NIT1101 Web Development and CMS $2,262.50
NIT1102 Introduction to Programming $2,262.50
NIT1103 Communication and Information Management $2,976.25
NIT1104 Computer Networks $2,262.50
NIT1201 Introduction to Database Systems $2,262.50
NIT1202 Operating Systems $2,262.50
NIT1203 Introduction to Project Management $2,976.25
NIT1204 Web Application And Server Management $2,262.50
NSC1210 Skills for the Scientist $2,262.50
RBF1150 Global environmental issues $2,262.50
RBF1310 Biology 1 $2,262.50
RBF1320 Biology 2 $2,262.50
RCS1601 Chemistry 1A $2,262.50
RCS1602 Chemistry 1B $2,262.50

BLO1105 Business Law $2,046.25


All Australian residents can register interest to study single units. You should check the unit details to see if there are any prerequisite studies or pre-reading needed.

International students

International students are not eligible to enrol in single units of study. If you are interested in studying at VU as part of another course we encourage you to apply through our study abroad or exchange program.

Cross institutional study

If you are not a current VU student and are enrolled in a course at another institution in Australia, you can apply to study a unit at VU that will be counted towards completion of your course at your home institution.

You are considered an ‘inbound’ student, and should apply using the  cross-institutional inbound application form.


Depending on the unit you choose, typical assessments may include exams, essays, portfolios and presentations.

Check the unit details for more information about the assessments you'll need to submit in order to pass the unit.



All single unit studies are charged at full-fee rates (the amount is shown in the lists of available units). Government funding (e.g. HECS-HELP) is not available for these units.

An invoice will be created at the time of enrolment and then made available via MYVU Portal, which is the gateway to student systems. You will need to pay your fees by the date indicated on your invoice.

Your employer or other sponsor (such as a job agency) may agree to cover the cost of your study. If so, complete the  External Sponsor Agreement Form and have it is signed by your employer/sponsor. Once signed email it to the Sponsorship team via sponsorships@vu.edu.au or hand it in at a Student Service Centre.