Non-year 12 (mature-age) applicants can apply to study at Victoria University (VU) either through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) or directly to VU using our online Admissions Centre.­

Applicants not currently studying an Australian year 12 or IB can apply through VTAC, or direct to VU using our online Admissions Centre providing you haven't already applied through VTAC, and are only applying to one course at VU.

Check your course page for available application methods and closing dates.

Definition of non-year 12

You are considered a non-year 12 applicant if you:

  • have previously attempted or completed post-secondary study at Certificate IV or above
  • are currently enrolled in an Australian/overseas Year 12 study or program (including the IB) and have post-secondary studies at Certificate IV or above
  • have not completed Australian or overseas secondary studies and have no post-secondary studies at Certificate IV or above.

Applying direct to VU

When you're ready, go to your course page and click 'Apply direct to VU'. Your course page details the entry requirements and any required supporting documentation needed to complete your application.

No fees are charged when applying directly to VU.

Already applied through VTAC?

If you have applied for a course through VTAC, you should not apply directly to VU for the same course. Your application will be assessed against the same criteria so there is no benefit in submitting two applications.

Postgraduate applicants

If you are interested in studying a postgraduate course at VU, you can apply direct.

When you're ready, go to your course page and click 'Apply direct to VU'. The course page details any entry requirements you will need to meet, and required supporting documentation needed to complete your application.

Please note that if you would like to apply for our Master of Teaching (Primary Education) or Master of Teaching (Secondary Education) courses, you will need to apply through VTAC.

Applying through VTAC

To apply for a course through VTAC, you’ll need to first create a VTAC account.

You can then log into your account and add courses to your preference list. Choose the courses you are most interested in studying, rather than preferencing courses based on what you think you may be offered.

Carefully check all selection criteria for courses you preference, as some may have additional entry requirements.

You may also wish to consider selecting courses that may provide you with a pathway to your preferred course. Find out more about pathways into our courses.

Check the VTAC important dates and fees page for the most up to date information about application costs and closing dates.

Detailed information about applying through VTAC is available on the VTAC website.

Changing your course preferences

During certain periods you will be able to add, remove or re-order your course preferences. Read more about changing your course preferences.

Receiving an offer

VTAC will notify you if you receive an offer to study at ­ VU.

VU will also send you ­ an email to your VTAC nominated email confirming the offer and provide­ you with information about how to accept your offer and enrol.

Find out more about VTAC offers.

How applications are assessed

To be considered for a course at VU, you must meet the minimum entry requirements. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee you entry to a course, as there may be more applicants than places available. You can check these requirements on the online VTAC guide or VU's course finder.

If you are impacted by special circumstances, we encourage you to lodge a VTAC SEAS application (when applying through VTAC), or a VU Special Consideration application (when applying direct to VU). Your special circumstances will be taken into consideration when assessing your application.­

Indigenous applicants

Our Moondani Balluk Academic Unit provides support and advice to Indigenous Australians wanting to study at VU. Contact staff to discuss course options, and the range of support services and pastoral care available.

We encourage you to submit an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Profile Information Form with your course application - this can help with selection for your chosen course.

Contact us

If you have any problems applying for a course at Victoria University (either through VTAC or direct to VU), contact us for assistance.