VTAC applications

You can apply for courses through VTAC if you are:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • a New Zealand citizen
  • a temporary resident or someone planning to obtain a student visa who is currently studying an Australian Year 12 (in Australia or overseas)* or International Baccalaureate in Australia or New Zealand. *For example: VCE, VCAL, HSC, NTCE, QLD Senior Certificate, SACE, TCE, WACE.

If you do not meet any of the citizenship/residency requirements, please contact us for advice on applying to study.

Before you apply

Before you can apply through VTAC, you need to register for a VTAC user account.

You also need to know if you are considered a Year 12 applicant (CY12 / Y12) or non-Year 12 applicant (NY12) so that you know which requirements you need to complete. These requirements are listed under Selection Criteria in the course information in CourseSearch.

For mid-year entry, applications are direct to VU.

Entry requirements

Applicants must meet the following to be considered for a VU course via VTAC:

  • tertiary entry requirements
  • course specific entry requirements (e.g. prerequisites, selection criteria, language proficiency, submitting additional forms, sitting a test, presenting a folio or attending an interview).

Please note: Meeting these does not guarantee you an offer because you are competing with other eligible applicants.

How to apply

To apply for a course through VTAC:

  1. Check important VTAC dates (for application deadlines and fees).
  2. Register for a VTAC user account if you haven’t already.
  3. Log in to your user account and apply online.

It’s best to use your personal email when you set up your VTAC account.  By the time VTAC makes offers you will have officially graduated from high school and may no longer have access to your school email address.

Course preferences

You can list up to eight course preferences when applying. You must list courses in the order you would most like to study, with your most preferred course listed first. Do not order your courses based on whether or not you think you will receive an offer. Consider including on your list courses that provide pathways to you preferred course.

If you change your mind, you can add, delete or re-order your courses any time before the closing date and during change of preference periods.

VTAC important dates

VTAC applications opened Monday 1 August 2016.

Timely applications closed on Thursday 29 September 2016.

Late closing dates: Friday 4 November 2016 (you will be required to pay $100).

See other Important VTAC dates from  August 2016 to July 2017.

Completing & updating your application

It is your responsibility to make sure that you complete your application correctly, answering all relevant questions and providing the required information.

If you have made a mistake or left something out, and you want to change your registration or application details, see how to make changes to your application. Otherwise, you may jeopardise your chance of receiving offers, or any offers you receive may be withdrawn.

How applications are assessed

Course applications are assessed on:

  • the course entrance requirements
  • your educational history and
  • your work or other experience.

Check your course entrance requirements in the VTAC Guide or VU’s Course Finder as they vary from course to course.

When a course has limited places, applicants are compared using these criteria to determine selection.

Applicants impacted by special circumstances are encouraged to lodge a VTAC SEAS or Special Consideration application. These circumstances will be considered as part of the assessment process.

As part of their application, TAFE applicants will be asked to complete a pre training review and in some cases a Language Literacy and Numeracy test. These assessments ensure that the support provided is appropriate to each applicant’s study and learning objectives.

Receiving an offer

You will be notified by VTAC if you receive an offer to study at Victoria University. Victoria University will also send you a letter confirming the offer and providing information about how to accept your offer and enrol.

Find out more about VTAC offers.

Contact us

If you have any problems applying for a Victoria University course through VTAC, or are unsure what any of this means, contact us for assistance.

You can phone +61 3 9919 6100 or ask us a question. You can also chat online with one of our staff, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Visit the VTAC website for more detailed information on how to apply.