After you apply

Find out what happens after you submit your application, including how to provide supporting information, how to review & track your application and receiving an offer.

You may also receive instructions about next steps, including where and when to enrol into your course.

Submit transcripts & additional documents

If you haven’t done so already during your application, you will need to provide some additional information along with your application.

This may include certified copies of transcripts, referee reports if relevant, and completed forms if you wish to apply for advanced standing or direct entry special consideration.

Do not send original documents as they may not be returned. Please provide certified copies of supporting documents.

Direct applicants (Certificate I-III)

If you have applied for a Certificate I, II or III via the A120 Apply form, you can submit additional information in person at any Student Service Centre or by mailing it to the Admissions Office:

Admissions Office
Footscray Park Campus
Victoria University
PO Box 14428
Melbourne VIC 8001

When providing any additional information, please clearly identify the course you have applied for, your name and date of birth. Student Service Centre staff can sight your original documents in order to certify any copies.

Direct applicants (Certificate IV & above)

If you have applied directly to VU using our Admissions Centre, we will acknowledge receipt of your application via email, and let you know if you need to provide us additional documents.

VTAC applicants

If you have applied through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC), you’ll need to submit your documents directly to VTAC. Find out how to supply documentation to VTAC.

Review & track your application

Direct applicants

If you submitted your application directly to VU, we will acknowledge it via email when we have processed the form. If you applied online via our Admissions Centre please note that you can login and check the status of your application under the Manage applications > Submitted applications.

If you have any concerns please email us (you'll need to log in or register first) or phone +61 3 9919 6100 to ask about the status of your application. Allow at least a week after the closing date before you contact us.

VTAC applicants

If you applied through VTAC, VTAC will acknowledge all applications received for courses published in the VTAC guide. Please refer to the VTAC website for further information.

International applicants

If you are an International applicant, VU International will notify you by email that your application has been received and will be processed.

VTAC International applications go through VTAC and are treated the same as domestic VTAC applications.

Receiving an offer

Depending on your application method, offers are sent at different times and in different ways.

VTAC applicants

There are a number of different offer rounds through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

If you receive an Early Round offer, you will be notified in late November (current year 12 applicants are not considered for Early Round offers).

If you receive a Round One offer, you will be notified in late January.

Further rounds occur in February, and VTAC will only advise applicants who have received an offer in these rounds.

VTAC will advise you of the highest offer on your preference list via:

  • your VTAC user account
  • email (use your personal email when you set up your VTAC account, as many schools will close your student email when you graduate)
  • SMS (if you have elected to do so).

Find out more about VTAC offers.

Direct applicants

After we have reviewed all applications, if your application was successful we will email you a letter of offer detailing what happens next.

These offers are generally sent within 2-3 University business days of application receipt. For courses that require completion of an interview, audition or test, offers will be issued once these activities have concluded. Where the number of applicants exceeds available places for a course, offers will be sent 2-4 weeks after the final application closing date.

The offer will include instructions on how to enrol, when you can attend a course information session and where to get help.

Please don't be discouraged if you are unsuccessful in your initial application. Consider applying for a different course - we have a wide range of courses to choose from. You should also check out our study pathways as a way of progressing into your preferred course.

We look forward you to welcoming you to our community.

Defer your course

If we have offered you a place at VU, but you need to take time off before the course starts, you can apply to defer study and start your course at a later date.

Contact us

If you’re unsure what any of this means, please feel free to contact us – phone +61 3 9919 6100 or ask us a question. You can also chat online with one of our staff, Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.