Victoria University (VU) offers a significant number of VU Access equity scholarships annually.

The scholarships are open to students enrolled across all fields of study, in these TAFE and university areas:

  • TAFE (VU Polytechnic) certificates and diplomas

  • undergraduate bachelor degrees, honours and the Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education.

Scholarships are available to support parents studying at VU.

Value of Access scholarships

Undergraduate students

VU Access for higher education students are valued at $1,000 per year for up to four years.

TAFE students

VU Access scholarships available for TAFE students are valued at $1,000 per year for up to two years.

Eligibility for Access scholarship

You're eligible to apply for a VU Access scholarship if you fulfil all these criteria:

  • Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, NZ citizen, holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa or holder of a Temporary Protection Visa
  • experiencing financial hardship demonstrated through receipt of a means-tested Commonwealth income support payment or other evidence of low income and/or social disadvantage
  • enrolled full-time, except in exceptional circumstances.

For TAFE students

An eligible TAFE student must also:

  • be enrolled full-time in a designated course that is government funded, and on the University Scope of Registration
  • not be in receipt of a Centrelink Start-up loan
  • not have already completed a TAFE or higher education course that is at a higher level of study than the course in which they are currently enrolled
  • not be enrolled as an apprentice or trainee
  • not be enrolled as a full-fee paying or international student.

For Bachelor degree (undergraduate) students

An eligible undergraduate student must be enrolled full-time in one of the following:

  • bachelor degree
  • associate degree
  • eligible Enabling course at VU
  • graduate diploma in an area of National Priority (Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education at VU)

You must also meet these criteria:

  • have not already completed a bachelor or higher level degree (unless that degree is a prerequisite for their current course of study, and there is no alternative pathway into that course of study at VU)
  • be enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place
  • not be receiving a Centrelink Start-up loan or Relocation Scholarship.

How to apply


Applications close at 11.59pm 6th October 2023.


Applications without required supporting documents will not be assessed, so take the time to read our list and collect these documents.

These documents are required when you apply for an Access scholarship at VU:

  • copy of a current Centrelink statement (or if payments have not yet been received, a copy of ‘Intent to Claim' letter)
  • copy of other person's current Centrelink statement (if you rely on someone else's income)
  • copy of your Health Care Card
  • copy of other person's Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with your name listed (if you are listed on someone else's card)
  • evidence of your personal income – current year's tax assessment or payslips no older than three months
  • evidence of someone else's personal income (if you rely on someone else's income) – current year's tax assessment or payslips no older than three months.

If you've made specific claims in your application you'll need to provide additional evidence.

  • If you're unable to study full time: provide a statement from a medical practitioner, community elder or similar, detailing reason(s) why you cannot study full time.
  • If you have answered 'yes' to a disability or medical condition: provide a statement from Victoria University Disability Support Unit, medical practitioner or equivalent.
  • If you have indicated home life difficulties: provide evidence from a relevant agency, community worker, medical practitioner or similar.

Assessment of scholarship applications

  • Assessment is not based on academic merit.
  • Applications are ranked and scored based on financial income, educational background and social disadvantages.
  • Applications with the highest levels of disadvantage are ranked higher.
  • Scholarships are offered to the highest ranked applicants, until all scholarships are allocated.
  • Some eligible students may miss out if there are more eligible applicants than scholarships available.
  • You only need to submit one application for all equity scholarships available.
  • Your application will be assessed against all of the equity scholarships available.
  • If eligible, you will receive only one scholarship.