This award provides stipend extensions to doctoral candidates whose research has been adversely and/or materially impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.


To be eligible for the stipend extension, you must be a doctoral candidate who is presently in receipt of a University-funded stipend scholarship (excluding Industry and Project) and have:

  • an enrolled status on 1 March 2020
  • a consumed load of 3.0 years or more (not exceeding 3.5 years) on 1 March 2020
  • successfully completed the Towards Submission Milestone
  • been adversely and/or materially impacted by COVID-19

Stipend extensions will only be available for the timely duration of degree in which the candidate is enrolled.


Considered materially and/or adversely impacted by COVID-19:

  • unable to undertake essential work due to travel restrictions
  • ongoing restrictions necessitating significant reconfiguration of planned research, e.g. restricted access to library collections, equipment, laboratories, performance spaces, or study participants
  • loss or delay of training and development vital to the project
  • key experiments or research significantly delayed while other work (e.g. writing of thesis) can't proceed.

Not considered adversely and/or materially impacted by COVID-19:

  • other leave types e.g. parental
  • volunteering
  • lack of employment
  • ordinary research delays, or research disruptions not due to COVID-19.
Thomas Yeager, VU reseacher, and student


Up to 12 weeks' stipend extension in 2020.

Note, stipends may be backdated to the day that they ceased in 2020.


To apply for the COVID-19 HDR stipend extension:

  1. discuss the application with your supervisor
  2. prepare supporting documents, including a signed statement from your supervisor
  3. complete the application online.

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