Moondani Balluk student grants provide flexible financial assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at Victoria University. These grants are managed by Moondani Balluk – Indigenous Academic Unit at VU.

The Lyons sisters, of Wiradjuri descent, are researchers at VU's Moondani Balluk Academic Unit.

About the Moondani Balluk student grants

Grants are provided on a case by case basis and can be accessed for a variety of reasons. Some examples include rent payments, assistance with research materials and help with general living costs.

Students are not required to pay a grant back and upon approval can apply for a grant multiple times per year.

Occasionally, other forms of financial support via Moondani Balluk may be more suitable instead of a grant, this will be communicated to students where appropriate.


Value of Moondani Balluk student grants

The grant amounts are different depending on the course level:

  • VE/TAFE: $1,000
  • Higher education undergraduate: $2,000
  • Higher education postgraduate: $3,000.


Eligibility for Moondani Balluk student grants

To be eligible to apply for a Moondani Balluk grant, students must:

  • Identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student
  • Be a current student enrolled at Victoria University
  • Where needed be able to provide proof of financial need (eg. copies of bills, statements ,documents, etc)
  • Engage with Moondani Balluk – Indigenous Academic Unit.

How to access a grant

To apply for a grant, students must contact the Aboriginal Student Support Officer in Moondani Balluk and send an email detailing why they need access to a grant and what they would use the funds for.

Upon approval of a grant, the Aboriginal Student Support Officer will assist the student with the paperwork and process.



For more information and access, please contact:

Marcus Brooke
Aboriginal Student Support Officer, Moondani Balluk – Indigenous Academic Unit
Email[email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 4914.