Find out about VU's single units of study – a quick and convenient way to learn new skills.

  • Update your professional knowledge to advance your career.
  • Dive deeper into an area of personal fascination.
  • Take a step towards further study.

Choose your unit

Choose from our units in the arts, business, engineering and IT, health, sport or recreation.

We deliver units across several campuses, so you can attend classes at a location and time that suits.

Check our 2020 timetable planner to find out when classes may run for your chosen unit.

Some units have prerequisites, such as prior completion of other units. Prospective students should check the unit pages to see details of any required prerequisites.

Priestley undergraduate units

Non-priestley undergraduate units

Criminology undergraduate units

Migration law postgraduate units


Depending on the unit you choose, typical assessments may include exams, essays, portfolios and presentations.

Check the relevant unit page for more information about the assessments you'll need to submit in order to pass the unit.

Costs & eligibility

  • All single unit studies are charged at full-fee rates.
  • Government funding (e.g. HECS-HELP) is not available for these units.
  • Eligibility for single units depends on your residency and visa status. Cross-institutional study is available in Australia.

Australian residents

All Australian residents can register interest to study single units.

Check the unit details to see if there are prerequisite studies or pre-reading.

International students

Whether you can enrol in a single unit depends on your visa:

  • student visa – you can not enrol in single units of study
  • tourist visa – you can enrol in a single unit of study of up to three months.

If you are interested in studying at VU as part of another course we encourage you to apply through our study abroad or exchange program.

Students at other Australian universities

If you are enrolled in a course at another institution in Australia, you can apply to study a unit at VU that will be counted towards completion of your course at your home institution.

You are considered an ‘inbound’ student, and should apply using the  cross-institutional inbound application form.

An invoice will be created at the time of enrolment and then made available via MyVU, which is the gateway to student systems. 

You will need to pay your fees by the date indicated on your invoice.

Use the fee calculator to calculate fees for single units. Choose 'Full fee' from the 'My fee type is' drop down.

Calculate single unit fees

Your employer or other sponsor (such as a job agency) may agree to cover the cost of your study.

If so:

  1. complete the  External Sponsor Agreement Form 
  2. have it signed by your employer/sponsor
  3. email it to: [email protected].

Find out more about sponsorship.

Sponsorship may be available for professional development.

Register your interest

Register your interest in studying a single unit at Victoria University.

We'll be in touch within a week with details on how to apply and enrol.

Information marked with an asterisk "*" is required.

Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Deadlines for registering your interest

Block 1B3 = semester 1, block 3.

  • Block 1B3 – 27 April 2020
  • Block 1B4 – 25 May 2020
  • Block (Winter) WB1 – 22 June 2020
  • Block 2B1 – 20 July 2020
  • Block 2B2 – 17 August 2020
  • Block 2B3 – 14 September 2020
  • Block 2B4 – 19 October 2020
  • Block (Summer) SB2 – 16 November 2020

School of Business postgraduate units

TRI = trimester

  • Melbourne TRI 2 – 13 July 2020
  • Melbourne TRI 3 – 2 November 2020

Study dates

Check out the academic calendar for information about when you'd be studying.