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Biomedicine courses

We can help spark your medical biology passion in areas including exercise science and health science. We offer a range of study so you can study at TAFE or degree level.


Our graduates find employment opportunities including:

  • biologist
  • health services practitioner
  • nursing
  • management
  • paramedicine.


Our biomedicine courses are provided by our College of Health and Biomedicine and College of Engineering and Science.

Bachelor degrees (undergraduate) 4 courses

Duration: 3 years
Be part of a growing demand for graduates with training in the field of exercise and biomedical sciences. Learn how the structure and function of the body influences and is impacted by exercise.
Duration: 3 years

This degree provides you with an in-depth knowledge of how the human body functions, focusing on physiology, anatomy and cell biology, preparing you for an exciting future in the
health sector. You can utilise this course to embark on an exciting career in medical research or for entry into postgraduate health courses, including medicine.

Duration: 3 years

Our Bachelor of Biomedicine (HBBM) has a particular focus on nutrition and exercise interventions in medicine and will prepare you will for postgraduate study.

Duration: 1 year

With an emphasis on project work, this course provides study at a fourth-year level which builds on the knowledge and skills developed at degree level.

Postgraduate research 3 courses

Postgraduate Research

Research postgraduate

Our Office for Research provides support to our current and future researchers, such as:

  • identify a research topic
  • find a supervisor
  • apply for research supervision or grants.
Duration: 4 years

Undertake your PhD in a world-leading research centre. Victoria University's Institute for Health and Sport (IHES) provides expert supervision in a wide range of disciplines.

Duration: 4 years

Receive intensive research training before beginning an innovative thesis in the broad areas of health and sport with our integrated PhD program.

Duration: 1.5 years

Complete a Master of Research in 18 months, in the areas of industry, community or urban development. This degree is tailored to graduates with a related bachelor degree, or an honours degree in a different discipline.

My success is a direct result of the opportunity I was given to study at Victoria University. I would definitely recommend VU as it offers everyone a chance in a supportive and friendly environment. I hope to continue research work within the area of cancer, with the ultimate goal that the research makes a difference in someone’s life.
Charlett Giuliani

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