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Whether you are interested in specialising your career or just improving your handyperson skills, we have many courses to help get you started. We are focused on the delivery of apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, skills recognition and other programs tailored to industry needs. Gain skills to take you further you can study our huge range of short courses, TAFE certificates and diplomas, bachelor and postgraduate degrees.


Many of our graduates gain employment in the following industries:

  • bricklaying
  • building and construction
  • electrician
  • engineering
  • plumbing
  • signage
  • surveying
  • welding.


Our building and construction courses are provided by VU Polytechnic and the College of Engineering & Science.

Short courses 22 courses

Duration: 1 week
Gain the practical skills and knowledge to safely erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding at a basic industry-approved level.

Develop the competency and skills required by Australian Standards to effectively operate breathing apparatus and equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere.

Develop the essential skills and training to effectively operate an excavator with this short course at VU Polytechnic.

Develop skills in wheeled front end loader operations in order to work on large-scale construction sites and infrastructure projects

Ensure workplace safety with this course in Class 1 Fault Finding Licence for Appliances.
Duration: 4 hours

During this course you will learn how to safely enter and operate within a confined space.

Learn the essential skills and knowledge required to undertake rescue in confined spaces.

Gain the skills and knowledge to enter and work within a confined space in accordance with an issued permit to conduct work.

Gain the on-site safety knowledge required to apply for a Construction Induction (White Card) in Victoria.

Duration: 1 week
Learn to disconnect and reconnect low voltage fixed wired control devices.
Learn how to test, tag and report on portable/handheld low voltage electrical equipment using a portable appliance tester (PAT)

Designed for those working in, or looking to get into, the resources and infrastructure industries, this short course will help you develop confidence in selecting hand and power tools as well as cleaning up.

Duration: 100 hours
The Registered Electrical Contractor course provides Grade A electricians with specialist business knowledge and skills to assist in gaining a REC Licence with Energy Safe Victoria.

Gain practical skills in the use of Revit Architecture to model internal and external building designs in 2D and 3D.

Currently training in civil construction or working in the construction industry? Learn how to operate an elevating work platform and add a key skill to your resume.

Maintain your safety accreditation with our professional development course designed specifically for technology teachers.

Develop specialist skills required to conduct skid steer loader operations and take advantage of the boom in infrastructure projects.

Duration: 4 weeks

Learn the entry-level skills and knowledge necessary to gain employment in the civil construction industry on a range of major infrastructure and civil construction projects.

Duration: 28 hours
Learn basic welding techniques for your DIY home projects, an introduction to further studies or new employment opportunities.

Gain a solid understanding of the hazards present when working close to traffic as well as learn how to manage traffic safely on worksites.

Learn the essential skills required to work safely on construction sites at heights above 1.5 metres from ground level.

TAFE certificates & diplomas 25 courses

Duration: 3 years
Build your future with a trade qualification. This course provides training in the housing and industrial areas of the bricklaying trade.
Duration: 1 year
Take control of your building career and become a registered builder. Take the next step and learn the skills to run your own building business.
Duration: 2 years
Learn how to coordinate the complete construction of a residential, industrial or commercial building.
Duration: 1 year
Gain the specialist skills and knowledge to launch your career as a building estimator or building scheduler. Learn the skills of quantity surveying, tendering, planning and scheduling construction technology.
Duration: 3 months

Learn key skills for the building industry and increase your chances of getting an apprenticeship.

Become proficient in the design, presentation and documentation process for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Duration: 2 years
This course provides training in building theory and surveying related to residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
Duration: 0.5 years

Develop the foundational skills necessary to gain access to an apprenticeship in civil construction with this pre-apprenticeship course.

Duration: 3 years

Develop practical skills and knowledge in a fast-growing industry with a Certificate III in Civil Construction apprenticeship.

Duration: 1 year

Gain the technical skills and knowledge to operate as a specialist in the civil construction industry.

Gain the skills necessary to work on major infrastructure projects in the fast growing civil construction industry.

Duration: 1 year

Expand your civil construction skills and management experience to provide effective leadership in the workplace.

Looking to enter a trades apprenticeship or get a taste of the construction industry? The Certificate II in Construction Pathways at VU Polytechnic is the ideal starting point.

Gain the skills and confidence to either start your career in the construction waterproofing industry or build your current skillset with the Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing at VU Polytechnic.

Duration: 4 years

Gain the skills and knowledge to become a licensed electrician with a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician at Victoria University Polytechnic.

Duration: 1.5 years
In this course you will learn advanced trade skills for a career in engineering. You’ll gain strong practical and theoretical knowledge that will ensure you are work ready.
Duration: 2 years
Learn the technical skills to design, validate and evaluate electrical equipment and systems for a career in electrical engineering.
Duration: 0.5 years
Develop the foundational skills to access an apprenticeship in furniture finishing, with a Certificate II in Furniture Finishing at Victoria University Polytechnic.
Duration: 0.5 years
Gain the foundational skills for an apprenticeship in furniture making or cabinet making, with a Certificate II in Furniture Making at Victoria University Polytechnic.
Duration: 3 years
As an apprentice joiner you will learn techniques such as manufacturing and assembling stairs, cutting and installing glass and applying finishes.
Duration: 2 years
Reach your goal of operating as a self-employed or contractor plumber.
Duration: 4 years
The Certificate III in Plumbing provides you with the training and support to gain your trade qualification.
Duration: 3 months

Lay the groundwork for an apprenticeship in the plumbing industry with a Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship) at Victoria University Polytechnic.

Duration: 3 years

Become a fully qualified sign-writer and gain practical skills for the design, manufacturing and installation of signage.

Bachelor degrees (undergraduate) 5 courses

Duration: 3 years

Develop an independent and creative approach to building design and learn about the cultural, social, technical and sustainable issues that are associated with the built environment.

Duration: 3 years
Become a specialist in building and construction regulations, safety and design with this three-year degree in building surveying.
Duration: 4 years

Take a leading role in exciting, large-scale building construction with VU's Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours).You’ll learn all the skills needed to manage residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Duration: 4 years

Launch your career as an architectural engineer with the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural Engineering) at Victoria University.

Duration: 4 years
Prepare for a career designing practical and sustainable community infrastructure, with a degree in civil engineering from VU.

Postgraduate 2 courses

Duration: 1 year

Gain professional expertise in the latest fire-safety technologies and regulations, with a Graduate Diploma in Building Fire Safety from VU.

Duration: 0.5 years

Take the next step in your career and improve your knowledge of building surveying and design and approval of performance-based building, in light of national and international fire codes.

Postgraduate research 1 course

Postgraduate Research

Research postgraduate

Our Office for Research provides support to our current and future researchers, such as:

  • identify a research topic
  • find a supervisor
  • apply for research supervision or grants.
Duration: 2 years

Gain a solid foundation in research methods before undertaking a thesis related to 'sustainable and liveable cities'. This masters allows bachelor-degree graduates in any discipline to undertake a research degree.

VU students are given a well-rounded, balanced learning that provides our clients with a higher level of confidence in the services we provide.
Garry Weir

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