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Tourism & hospitality courses

VU is a recognised leader in hospitality, event and tourism management training. Gain the skills to take your business management career in the hospitality, event or tourism industries further. 


Many of our graduates gain employment in the following roles:

  • event manager
  • hospitality manager
  • hotel manager
  • food and beverage manager
  • conference coordinator
  • tourism operator.


Our hospitality courses are provided by our VU Business School and Victoria University Polytechnic.

Short courses 3 courses

Duration: 7 hours

Learn safe food handling knowledge and basic hygiene principles for the workplace.

Duration: 6 hours

Develop the skills and knowledge to manage food safety practices in the workplace as a manager, owner-operator or supervisor.

Duration: 4 hours

Gain the skills and knowledge required for the service of alcohol under state legislation with the Responsible Serving of Alcohol course.

TAFE certificates & diplomas 10 courses

Duration: 3 years
Make your culinary dream a reality with a hands-on apprenticeship in Commercial Cookery.
Duration: 1 year

Enhance your cookery skills and prepare for leadership or supervisory positions in kitchen environments with the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

Duration: 2 years

Begin training for a career in hospitality while you complete your secondary school studies, with the Certificate II in Hospitality.

Duration: 1 year

Gain hands-on hospitality skills for employment in restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars, with the Certificate III in Hospitality at Victoria University Polytechnic.

Duration: 1.5 years
Turn your passion for hospitality into a rewarding career and become qualified for a senior management position in the industry.
Duration: 1 year
This hands-on course gives you the knowledge and training required to become a skilled manager in the hospitality industry.
Duration: 2 years

Learn basic food preparation skills and prepare for a career in cookery with a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations.

Learn the basic skills to work effectively in the booming tourism and travel industry at Victoria University Polytechnic.

Take the first step towards a career in the fast-growing tourism industry with the Certificate III in Tourism at Victoria University Polytechnic.

Develop the high-level skills required to work across a range of exciting careers in the travel and tourism industry at Victoria University Polytechnic.

Bachelor degrees (undergraduate) 1 course

Duration: 3 years

Bachelor of Business specialisations include accounting, banking & finance, event management, financial risk management, human resource management, information systems management, international trade, management & innovation, marketing, supply chain & logistics management, tourism & hospitality management.

Postgraduate 4 courses

Duration: 1 year
Gain a specialised qualification for a career in policy, planning or management, with a Graduate Diploma in Business (Tourism and Destination Management).
Duration: 2 years

Prepare for managerial, policy development and planning roles in the rapidly growing tourism and events industries with the Master of Business (Tourism and Destination Management).

Duration: 0.5 years
Build onto your qualifications and experience to gain insight into tourism and event policy development, form professional networks and develop the capability to become a future tourism industry leader.
Duration: 1.5 years
Get ahead in the rapidly growing tourism and events industries. This course incorporates tourism and management studies with a focus on addressing contemporary issues and challenges faced by destinations internationally.

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