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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems courses

Discover the range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems courses from Victoria University. We have a variety of postgraduate courses, including double degree MBAs.


Many of our graduates gain employment in the following roles:

  • business analyst
  • human resources
  • international trade/business consultant
  • management.


Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems courses are provided by our VU Business School.

Bachelor degrees (undergraduate) 1 course

Duration: 3 years

Bachelor of Business specialisations include accounting, banking & finance, event management, financial risk management, human resource management, information systems management, international trade, management & innovation, marketing, supply chain & logistics management, tourism & hospitality management.

Postgraduate 10 courses

Duration: 0.5 years

Build on your professional experience with a specialised qualification from a world leader in business analytics and SAP technology.

Duration: 1 year
Enhance your professional experience with a Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics from a world-leading ERP systems (SAP) education provider.
Duration: 1.5 years
Launch a rewarding career in business analytics – combining your ICT skills with business knowledge and SAP systems expertise.
Duration: 2 years
Become an industry leader in enterprise resource management planning (ERP) systems with VU's Master of Business Analytics (Professional).
Duration: 1 year
Build on your professional experience in business systems and SAP, with VU's Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems).
Duration: 2 years

Develop the computing and business skills to implement and maintain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and understand their implications on business.

Duration: 2.5 years

Gain a competitive edge with VU’s double masters degree in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) and Supply Chain Management.

Duration: 2.5 years

Become an industry leader in enterprise resource management planning (ERP) systems and SAP with our double masters degree.

Duration: 0.5 years
This course focuses on the main SAP processes including production planning, materials management, sales & distribution, accounting and human resources.
Duration: 1.5 years
Achieve a lucrative position as a SAP specialist in the growing world of digital-resource management, with our world-class Master of Enterprise Resource Planning Management.
Subjects such as ERP Systems Implementations and Organisation Change Management allow me to see the bigger picture. I’ve been a part of the SAP community network and SAP Innojam, a two day workshop collaborating with other professionals on SAP technologies. Now I’m able to apply what I’ve learnt to projects at work.
Jelvie Grech

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