VU Safe mobile app

VU Safe is the free, official mobile safety app of Victoria University.

The app is packed with safety information, tools and features to keep you safe on campus.

VU Safe is free to download.


Emergency alert

In an emergency press the Emergency Alert to call Campus Security and allow them to view your location on a map in real-time.

Safety notifications

Receive push notifications alerting you to safety and emergency information on campus, including building or campus evacuations.

Emergency contacts

Immediately contact emergency services with the push of a button. On campus you can contact Campus Security and request first aid assistance. Off campus you can contact Emergency Services 000 (triple zero).

Friend walk

Have a friend virtually watch over you as you walk.

Tap the button and select a contact, they’ll receive a message with a link to view a map and track your location. Pick your destination, and start walking.

If you need help just hit a button to notify your friend and start an emergency call. When you get to your destination safely, just tap the button to end the call.

Request security escort

Send a request to Campus Security officers, who can walk you to and from buildings, public transport or to your vehicle on campus. You can make a call or book using the enquiry form in advance.

Report a concern

Report a concern to Campus Security or Safer Community. You take a photo or video and send it directly through the app, call Campus Security or report online.

Safety toolbox

The toolbox has the VU Shuttle Bus timetables, as well as safety tools, including a flash light and safety notification history.

Further information

On campus

Campus maps

Visit our campus page to view maps of all our campuses.

Emergency plans

Be prepared to respond to an emergency situation on campus. Emergency plans tell you what to do and when, for example when you hear an evacuation alarm. These plans are available offline, so even if you don't have access to the internet when you need them, you can still view the emergency plans.