VU has a range of researcher development opportunities that focus on the fundamentals of research. They are targeted primarily at the graduate researcher but may also be relevant to academic staff new to VU or new to research.

Researcher development sessions

Within the research fundamentals category we run sessions and programs throughout the year focusing on:

  • getting you started as a graduate researcher at VU, including the graduate researcher induction, library induction, and scholarship rights and responsibilities
  • starting on your PhD, including preparing your literature review, first considerations, conceptualising your research project and how to present at conferences
  • getting started as a ‘New to VU’ researcher, including the new researcher, research supervisor and library inductions
  • managing research information, including how to use referencing tools such as Endnote
  • preparing for thesis examination, including how to format your thesis and what examiners look for
  • research data – what data you need to worry about, how to manage it and where to store it
  • research writing, including writing bootcamps, retreats and the ‘Demystify your Thesis’ program.

For more information about scheduled sessions (including how to register) see the Researcher Development Program calendar.

Consultation & drop-in sessions

Online resources

Vitae Researcher Development Framework

VU uses the Vitae Researcher Development Framework to underpin our Researcher Development Program. All VU staff and students can register online for access to career development and planning materials.

VU Graduate Researcher Toolkit

The VU Graduate Researcher Toolkit is a VU Collaborate space designed to support all research students and provides a range of information and resources relating to the graduate researcher experience.

The toolkit also contains VU MyPlan, a self-assessment tool which allows a graduate researcher to reflect and plan, both in relation to the progress of the research itself and to their own development as professional researchers.

Using VU MyPlan at regular intervals will also help a graduate researcher identify and work toward their longer term career goals. All graduate researchers are automatically enrolled into this space. Others, such as supervisors, will need to request a manual enrolment from the Academic Coordinator in the Graduate Research School.