VU has a range of researcher development opportunities that focus on research ethics, biosafety and integrity.

These researcher development resources are provided by the Ethics and biosafety team and cover the key information VU researchers require when conducting research in relation to animal research ethics, human research ethics, biosafety and research integrity.

Researcher development sessions

Within the ethics, biosafety and research integrity category we run sessions and programs throughout the year focusing on:

  • human research ethics at VU, including process and principles, working with children and young people, and considerations for ethics application submission
  • ethical research design
  • animal ethics and welfare at VU, including adverse events, compliance and noncompliance
  • anaesthesia and analgesia for laboratory animals
  • biostatistics
  • academic authorship and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
  • biosafety events and training in October each year as part of VU Biosafety Week.

For more information about scheduled sessions (including how to register) see the Researcher Development Program calendar.

Online research integrity training

Online Research Integrity Training is available through VU Develop.

The Research Integrity Training course is tailored with relevant examples for five different discipline areas. Researchers should choose to do the course that relates most closely to their field of research:

Online biosafety training

Online programs are available on the biosafety training page. It is a requirement that personnel working with genetically modified organisms, quarantine materials, animals, plants or material that contains biological risk group agents, must be appropriately trained before entry into a biological containment laboratory or commencement of any work.

For more development opportunities including specific lab and project training see the Biosafety training page.

Online animal ethics training

Online VU animal ethics training courses are available through VU Collaborate (under subject SPRT-Animals- Ethics and Facilities). It is a requirement that Animal Ethics Committee training be completed and assessed prior to the commencement of any teaching or research involving animals or animal tissue.

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For more information about these programs or if you would like to enquire about additional sessions for a specific audience contact the Ethics and biosafety team.