VU has a range of researcher development opportunities that focus on career planning and mentoring.

Researcher development programs & sessions

Within this development category, VU runs sessions and programs throughout the year focusing on:

  • the Early Career Researcher Development Program, which spans a 6-8 month period and covers topics such as:
    • Developing a Postdoctoral Research Identity
    • Building Intellectual Capital
    • Writing for Publication and Getting into Print
    • Developing a Successful Career while Negotiating Challenges and other Demands
    • Building a Successful Grants Track Record
  • understanding VU's Measure of Research Activity (MoRA) Measure
  • how to find a research mentor
  • learning through teaching, a development opportunity that gives participants the opportunity to mentor or be mentored.

For more information about scheduled sessions (including how to register) see the Researcher Development Program calendar.

Learning Through Teaching Mentoring Program

The Learning Through Teaching Mentoring Program (LTTP) is designed for research graduates aspiring to enter academia.

The program gives you the opportunity to work alongside a seasoned academic.

Online resources

Vitae Researcher Development Framework

VU uses the Vitae Researcher Development Framework to underpin our Researcher Development Program. All VU staff and students can register online for access to career development and planning materials.

VU Graduate Researcher Toolkit

The VU Graduate Researcher Toolkit is a VU Collaborate space designed to support all research students and provides a range of information and resources relating to the graduate researcher experience.

The toolkit also contains VU MyPlan, a self-assessment tool which allows a graduate researcher to reflect and plan, both in relation to the progress of the research itself and to their own development as professional researchers.

Using VU MyPlan at regular intervals will also help a graduate researcher identify and work toward their longer term career goals. All graduate researchers are automatically enrolled into this space. Others, such as supervisors, will need to request a manual enrolment from the Academic Coordinator in the Office for Researcher Training, Quality & Integrity.