Indigenous Central Research Grants Scheme (ICRGS)

The Victoria University Indigenous Central Research Grants Scheme (ICRGS) will provide support for:

  • Indigenous Victoria University (VU) researchers who require seed funding to undertake an innovative study to pursue objectives that will form the foundation for a larger project, for which external research funding will be sought after the pilot study’s completion and/or
  • VU research projects that have direct benefit to Indigenous communities, which form the basis for larger projects, for which external research funding will be sought after completion.

For 2016, the total budget amount for this scheme will be $30,000.

The priority for this funding round will be research studies that advance the development or use of the Foley Collection/Archive Project, which encompasses the fields of Indigenous history, decolonisation, black power movement, land rights and the self-determination movement.

Projects directly relating to the themes of the archive: Indigenous history, decolonisation, black power movement, land rights and the self-determination movement will also be considered.

The scheme is administered by the Office for Research in conjunction with the relevant University Colleges/Institutes/Centres and Moondani Balluk Academic Unit.


The general objectives of the Indigenous Central Research Grants Scheme (ICRGS) are to:

  • Support Indigenous pilot projects which have clear potential to form the basis of a larger study, for which external research funding will be applied for within 12 months after the end of the pilot study;
  • encourage research collaborations with Industry with the aim of applying for an ARC Linkage Project after the ICRGS project is completed.
  • encourage collaborative research in a team with the guidance of an experienced researcher for PhD and ECR applicants;
  • encourage novel collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to applied and basic research problems;
  • fund projects with demonstrable and innovative research outcomes;
  • fund projects that are aligned with and contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in one or more of the University’s areas of research focus.


  • Grants will be awarded to a maximum value of $30,000. Grants below $5,000 will not be awarded. Only exceptional applications with clear justified budgets will receive funding at the upper end of the range.
  • Funding must be for a specific research project with aims that are clearly achievable within one calendar year.
  • For studies involving an Industry Partner, at least one Industry Partner must meet the eligibility requirements of ‘Partner Organisation’ as stated in the ARC Linkage Project Funding Rules, and the combined Industry Partner(s) Cash Contribution must be at least 30% per cent of the total funding requested from the ICRGS scheme.
  • Victoria University must receive the funding provided by the Industry Partner and this funding must be expended from a VU research account fund 60.
  • For studies led by a PhD student, funding is capped at $10,000 and will be managed by the PhD Supervisor through a Fund 61 created for this project.

Application & guidelines

Indigenous Central Research Grant Scheme (ICRGS) funding round for 2016 is now open.

  • Before planning your application, please read the ICRGS Guidelines   and the additional information requirements carefully (both documents require VU login when off campus). The closing date for applications is 4pm Monday 31 August 2015.
  • Applications for the ICRGS must be made on the 2015 ICRGS online application form and is now available.
  • The project must be discussed and developed in collaboration with the Moondani Balluk Academic Unit.  Please contact Karen Jackson at or on ext. 2836.
  • ICRGS Project online applications with an Industry Partner must include a signed letter from the Industry Partner(s) that states the partner’s commitments, including cash and in-kind.

Contact us

For more information regarding the ICRGS guidelines and/or application form, please contact Zana Stefanovski.
Phone: +61 3 9919 4710

Your College Research Facilitation and Development Manager can provide assistance will all proposals that have an Industry Partner.