Successful grant applications (ARC & NHMRC)

The following are past and current successful ARC & NHMRC grant projects application where VU was the administering organisation.

ARC Discovery Projects

  • Discovering the role of pH in regulating mitochondrial biogenesis, so as to improve the design of preventative programs aimed at healthy ageing - Professor David Bishop
  • Designing the Surface and Structural Properties of MFI Zeolite Membranes for Low Energy Ion-Selective Desalination - Associate Professor Mikel Duke
  • Capacitating Student Aspirations in Classrooms and Communities of a High Poverty Region - Dr Lew Zipin
  • Peking opera, epitheatre and homoerotic writing in nineteenth-century Beijing - Dr Mark Stevenson
  • The Irish in Colonial Australia: Race, Representation and Repression - Dr Dianne Hall

ARC Linkage Projects

  • Waking up to a Fire - Optimising the Smoke Alarm Signal - Professor Dorothy Bruck (Psychology)
  • Multi-Objective Optimal Operation of Urban Water Supply Systems - Associate Professor Chris Perera (Engineering)
  • Development of Advanced Ceramic Membranes: A Robust Solution to Sustainable Water Treatment - Associate Professor Mikel Duke
  • Improving the Durability and Performance of Hollow Fibre Membranes with Nanocomposite and Inorganic/organic Hybrid Materials - Associate Professor Mikel Duke
  • Innovative Zero-energy Membrane Technologies to Reduce Water Consumption in the Dairy Industry - Associate Professor Mikel Duke
  • Lowering Membrane Fouling by Matching Pre-treatment to Membrane Type - Professor Stephen Gray
  • Renewing the Teaching Profession in Regional Areas through Community Partnerships - Professor Marie Brennan
  • A new spectrum access technology for future wireless terminals - Professor Mike Faulkner
  • Participation Versus Performance: Managing (dis)ability, Gender and Cultural Diversity in Junior Sport - Associate Professor Ramon Spaaij
  • How Migration Reshapes Labour Markets: A Study of Professional Service Firms - Professor Beverley Jackling

ARC DECRA Projects

  • Discovering The Effects of alpha-actinin-3 Defficiency on Muscle Adaptations to Exercise Training in Humans - Dr Nir Eynon
  • Modern Mania: The Emergence of Passionate Spectator Sport Cultures in Melbourne, Manchester and Boston - Dr Matthew Klugman

NHMRC Project Grants

  • 2011-2013: NHMRC Project Grant (1012181). Does exercise increase skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity via nitric oxide? - G. McConell and S. Rattigan ($543,390)

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