In 2020, the University has provided up to $1 million of research funding to support our research community to undertake life-changing, world-changing research in the area of place-based planetary health.

About place-based planetary health

Victoria University is rising to the challenge to make place-based planetary health part of our identity and moral purpose. 

Planetary health is an interdisciplinary activity focused on finding solutions to the complex challenges impacting our planet and the health of country, environment, communities and people. We recognise that the wellbeing of all depends upon the wellbeing of the planet.

place-based approach to planetary health emphasises the importance of context in finding sustainable solutions through working with local communities and addressing local conditions.

VU is building a community that is committed and contributing to place-based planetary health initiatives through research, learning and teaching, and through the way we work and engage with our communities and each other.

Funding applications

Funding applications have now closed (9 April 2020). Assessment is underway and those who are successful will be notified.