The Research Services Research contracts and grants cover sheet serves a dual purpose:

  • It provides Research Services with key data on research funding activities across the University, whether at the application or contractual stage. These data feed into various systems and reports, including researchers’ individual MORA calculations.
  • It serves as a mechanism for the academic area (e.g. College/Institute/Centre) in which the research is to be conducted to review the proposal/contract and sign off on the research activity.

For every research application/contract, a separate cover sheet must be completed & signed by the lead researcher and reviewed & signed by the College/Institute/Centre. This must occur before the submission of applications/execution of contracts.

Signature protocol

Who should sign on behalf of the academic area depends upon the resources involved in the research activity. If the activity:

  • will be resourced entirely through a Centre or Institute, then the Centre/Institute Director can sign.
  • extends beyond the purview of a Centre/Institute, then the College (Dean or Research Director) must sign.

Whoever has signed on behalf of the academic area involved cannot also be a named Chief Investigator on the project – in these cases, a delegate or deputy must sign in their place.