The coversheet and costing tool are essential for ensuring institutional support for your grant application or research contract.

These documents may be downloaded by VU staff only (log in required)

Research Coversheet

The Research Contracts & Grants Coversheet must be completed by the Chief Investigator and provides information:

  • For calculating academic staff’s MORA
  • Preparing research contracts
  • Ensuring your Institute supports your project and any Univeristy contributions required for it
  • Commonwealth Government Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)

Research Costing Tool

The Contract Research & Grants Costing Tool is used to ensure that research projects are fully costed accurately, including all cash and in-kind contributions by the University. The costing tool also provides essential information for the Coversheet, including externally funded research time for VU Research Fellowships.

For every research application and contract, a separate cover sheet and costing tool must be completed and signed by the lead researcher before the submission of applications or execution of contracts.