Progress reports

All graduate researchers are required to submit annual Progress Reports during candidature. These help you and your supervisor manage your research and reflect on your progress. They provide an opportunity to establish clear goals, identify issues that may adversely affect research outcomes and plan the next stage of your project. They also demonstrate that you are active and developing as a researcher.

You do not have to submit a progress report if:

  • you have submitted your thesis for examination
  • your enrolment has lapsed
  • you are in the coursework phase of a professional doctorate.

Submitting a progress report

The Graduate Research Centre will send notification to your VU@live email account, with a copy to your Principal and Associate Supervisor as soon as your progress report is available. You will have approximately one month to complete and submit the report for review by your College and the Graduate Research Centre.

Read our FAQs on submitting your progress report.

Occupational Health & Safety and progress reports

Graduate researchers and their supervisors are responsible for ensuring that research is conducted in a safe environment and in accordance with government health and safety legislation and procedures. Occupational health and safety includes ergonomics, working safely with hazardous materials (e.g. blood, chemicals), plant and machinery, electrical and other equipment, working at height, etc.

As part of your progress report, you and your supervisor are required to identify hazards and risks associated with your research. For more information, download the Health and Safety in the Research Environment Factsheet.

Failing to submit a progress report

If you do not submit a progress report by the due date, you will be nominated for 'unsatisfactory progress'. 

Unsatisfactory progress may result in termination of your enrolment.

Extension of time to submit a progress report

You can obtain an extension of time to submit a progress report if you have experienced unanticipated difficulties including:

  • disruption to supervision (both Principal and Associate Supervisor)
  • documented personal illness or other serious personal difficulties
  • other unforeseen disruptions beyond your control that have directly impacted on your capacity to submit the progress report by the specified due date.

You must submit your written request for an extension together with relevant supporting documentation to the Graduate Research Centre at least one week prior to the due date. You will be notified in writing of a new due date for your report submission.

Contact us

For more information on submitting your progress report, contact your College graduate research support officer:

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