Find out more about our applying, enrolling, submitting and other important steps for researchers at Victoria University.

Submit an enquiry to the research team.

Information marked with an asterisk "*" is required.

For information pertaining to apply for a research degree, refer to graduate-research-applicants.

Contact for questions: [email protected]


To alter your load status, complete a Unit of Study Amendment and submit to [email protected]

If you are an international candidate, any changes to your enrolment must be approved by Student Financials and Enrolment to ensure you comply with your visa requirements - please refer to Changes to your study load

To discontinue your degree, complete a Course Discontinuation and submit to [email protected]

Intermission from your degree is only available within the limits of the maximum duration of your degree.

Candidates enrolled in the coursework phase, can only apply for intermission by semester, subject to approval of the Senior Lecturer, Graduate Research Academic Programs and the Institute Deputy Director.

International candidates have visa restrictions which limit your ability to intermit whilst residing in Australia. Intermission is normally only approved in compelling and compassionate circumstances and does not include financial hardship.

Prior to lodging an Application for Intermission please email the Office to discuss your application: [email protected]

Doctoral candidates may only apply for an extension to candidature

If you need to extend your candidature you must submit an Application for Extension form to [email protected]

If you are an international candidate, you are responsible to ensure you have a valid eCOE and visa.

The application form needs to be approved by your principal supervisor and lodged with the required supporting document to [email protected]

Once your application has been assessed and processed, you will receive an email advising you of the outcome and new expected work submission date.

You will be notified when you are required to present for a candidature milestone.

You must have an associate supervisor appointed at the time of presenting for Confirmation of Candidature.

Refer to the preparing for candidature webpage to view the schedule, guidelines and application

To book your presentation, please email [email protected] and indicate which milestone you are presenting for.

If you are unable to submit your thesis within the maximum duration, you will need to apply for a late submission date. It is at the Institute’s discretion if additional time is approved.

Post maximum duration fees may be incurred if you exceed more than 1 semester’s enrolment beyond the approved late submission date. Please refer to the VU Policy Library, HDR Procedure 3- Pre-Candidature and Candidature.

You are required to submit an electronic copy of your thesis (no larger than 15MB), Release of Thesis and the originality report from Turnitin to [email protected]

You are responsible to check the originality of your thesis via Turnitin prior to the submission of your thesis to avoid citation mistakes or inappropriate copying.

For information pertaining to thesis examination, refer to thesis submission

Your supervisor is required to nominate examiners 2 months prior to the submission of your thesis.

Examiners have 2 months in which to examine your thesis and submit their report. The Office liaises with examiners if further time is required.

When all examiners reports are received, they will be released to you, your supervisors and the Chair of Examiners.

For information pertaining to thesis submission, refer to thesis examination

Once all classification documentation is received by the Office and checked by the Graduate Research Coordinator, the documentation will be forwarded to the appropriate approval process. Your thesis must be conferred by VU Council and you will receive notification of completion approximately 10-15 working days after conferral.

Once your thesis is conferred by VU Council, doctoral degrees may use the title Dr.

For information pertaining to classification, refer to thesis classification

You will receive an email from GFP Graduations approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the scheduled graduation ceremony to advise which ceremony you have been allocated and the steps to attend this ceremony.

For information pertaining to attending a graduation ceremony, refer to graduation ceremony