To capitalise on our established areas of expertise and consolidate our strengths in interdisciplinary and translational research, we are committed to areas of research focus. 

Research at VU has always been multidisciplinary, carried out in collaboration with industry, government and other research institutions. Our new research structure enables a more applied and integrated approach to working with our partners, developing solutions and solving real world problems.

The new approach to research at VU offers more effective and beneficial outcomes for organisations, governments and communities.

Our approach

VU's research strategy aims to unify and strengthen our research. We have focused the research we carry out and created a dedicated structure for research to deliver the VU Research Plan 2017-2020.

In 2017, VU Research was established to lead, manage and deliver all Victoria University's research and research training (HDR). VU Research is a dedicated whole of University department that supports all aspects of the University's research activity, and includes:

Research at VU is undertaken by:

Research themes

All of our research activities are aligned with two interdisciplinary flagship research themes, delivered through six research focus areas.

The flagship research themes showcasing our strengths, commitment and exceptional work conducted by our researchers are:

  • sport, health and active living
  • sustainable industries and liveable cities.

These themes support VU’s focus on confronting the 21st century challenges facing local communities and global industries through high impact research and innovation.

Six research focus areas

Our two research themes encompass six new research focus areas:

These focus areas further define and enrich our engagement with industry, government and community to shape healthier, smarter and more sustainable communities.

Research institutes & centres

Researchers in our institutes and centres collaborate with industry and community partners to advance specialised fields of knowledge and solve important practical problems. Their research benefits local, national and global industry and communities as well as university teaching and learning activities.

Sport, health and active living research is led by our Institute for Health and Sport.

The Institute for Health and Sport incorporates and builds upon some of the research undertaken at VU prior to 2018 by:

  • ISEAL (Institute of Sport, Exercise & Active Living)
  • Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention & Management (CCDPM)
  • Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW)
  • staff within our academic colleges, mainly College of Health & Biomedicine, and College of Sport & Exercise Science. Some of these staff are now research fellows within VU Research.

Sustainable industries and liveable cities research is led by:

Research with us

Take advantage of VU's academic expertise, national and international partnerships and cutting-edge facilities to:

  • develop a research project
  • further your research networks
  • address challenges in your business, industry or community.

We welcome contact from prospective partner organisations and students interested in working with us on collaborative research that aligns with our flagship themes and research focus areas.

Email: [email protected].