Part of Victoria University's Healthy & Inclusive Communities program, the Sport & Social Change Living Lab is primarily concerned with social justice, with a focus on sport diversity and social change.

Sport & Social Change Living Lab research

The Sport and Social Change Living Lab research group asks critical questions regarding equity, inclusion and exclusion in sport, physical activity, and physical education contexts.

The group seeks to understand the following:

  • how people’s experiences of sport, physical activity and physical education are shaped and constrained by broader structures and cultural processes
  • how to facilitate positive social change in and through sport, physical activity and physical education.

The research group is grounded in social science and humanities – in particular, sociology and cultural studies. We have specific interests and expertise in the following areas:

  • cultural diversity and social inclusion
  • gender and sexuality
  • migration
  • race and racism.

Our researchers employ a range of methods, including:

  • archival analysis
  • ethnography
  • focus groups
  • interviews
  • media
  • observations
  • policy
  • survey.
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