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  • Environmental engineering
  • Flow-based applications in analytical chemistry
  • Chemical engineering

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About Parvez Mahbub

Parvez Mahbub completed his PhD in environmental engineering at Queensland University of Technology in 2011 and received post-doctoral training at Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science at University of Tasmania.

His research interests include:

  • advanced oxidation processes for sustainable remediation of contaminants
  • continuous-flow reactor technology
  • contaminant fate
  • chemometrics
  • UV-visible-infrared spectrophotometry with LEDs for environmental hazard monitoring
  • water-quality engineering.


Current research projects

  1. Advanced Oxidation Techniques for Microbial Remediation in Industrial Scale (Industry Partner: Huon Aquaculture Pty Ltd and Food Innovation Australia Ltd)- $200,000
  2. Detection and Remediation of Organic Peroxide Explosives Using Advanced Light Sources (Defence Science Institute, Australia) - $15,000

Current research interests

  1. Upscaling and downscaling of continuous-flow based reactors for industrial applications
  2. Development of low-cost and portable gas sensors using spectroscopic technologies for indoor and outdoor use


  • PhD (Environmental Engineering), Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2011

Key publications

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Peroxide-Based Sustainable Treatment of Salmonid Aquaculture
From: Enterprise Solutions Centre Program
Other investigators: Dr Thomas Yeager
For period: 2019-2020
Not disclosed

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