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  • Civil engineering
  • Hydrology and water resources
  • Smart cities and urban informatics
  • Artificial intelligence

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About Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman Tariq

Based on his outstanding performance in MSc, Dr Atiq earned a full funded PhD scholarship to peruse my PhD (2007-2011) from the world’s top rank university “TU Delft, the Netherlands” (presently ranked number 2 in the field of Civil Engineering). He assisted in teachings as well. He joined COMSATS Institute of Information Technology as Head of the department and established bachelors degree and masters degree programs.

He developed a proposal to establish a Category-II Centre of UNESCO in Pakistan. He joined Capital University of Science and Technology (at that time it was known as Mohammad Ali Jinnah University) in 2014. He endeavored to establish the department with undergraduate and post graduate programs. Multiple research projects, consultancy projects, research collaborations, keynote lectures, workshops, and continual professional development training were carried out. He remained actively involve with the Higher Education Commission and Engineering Council to transform Pakistan’s engineering programs to achieve the Washington Accord status. His role as Outcome-based education expert is evident from the trainings he conducted in various universities as well as the accreditations visit which he conducted as the field expert on behalf of Pakistan Engineering Council.

He has been invited as a guest editor of “Atmosphere” journal. He has an impressive profile of research by publishing in top ranking journals of Water Resources discipline (majority are in Q1) with having best paper awards and editor’s choice award in journal and conference as well. He is an approved supervisor for PhD Civil Engineering programs at Victoria University. Not only the research activities, but he has also been involved in multiple tasks which has high social impacts. He has written a news article in World’s famous News agency ‘Reuters’.

He has carried out several professional consultancy services at higher level. Drainage and flood protection design of various residential areas, surface water supply and ground water potentials have been investigated during various consultancy services. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the most significant project in Pakistan, he has performed the master revision of the consultancy work for the flood protection and cross drainage works of the Multan-Sukkar Motorway project. Having the most suitable expertise, the task of Vetting Consultant for ‘Master plans for the water, wastewater & storm water drainage of Lahore district for Water and Sanitation Agency Lahore (WASA) and Lahore Development Authority (LDA)’ is also carried out by him. many projects have been performed with City West Water (Now Greater Western Water).



  • PhD TU Delft, the Netherlands

Key publications

Year Citation
2022 Nnachi, R. C., Ng, A. WM., & Tariq, M. AUR. (221003). The relationship between climate change impacts on urban heat island and water demand for urban green spaces (pp. 57-102).
2022 Saini, M., Ng, A. WM., Chau, H. W., Tariq, M. AUR., Jamei, E., Kimiaei, S., Nnachi, R. C., Rahman, M., & Mehdizadeh-Rad, H. (221003). Investigating the cooling load of a university building: A case study in darwin (pp. 181-205).

Year Citation
2023 Farooq, R., Azimi, A. H., Tariq, M. AUR., & Ahmed, A. (230201). Effects of hooked-collar on the local scour around a lenticular bridge pier. International Journal of Sediment Research, 38(1), (1-11).

doi: 10.1016/j.ijsrc.2022.07.002

2022 Zia, A., Pu, Z., Holly, I., Umar, T., Tariq, M. AUR., & Sufian, M. (221101). A Comprehensive Review of Incorporating Steel Fibers of Waste Tires in Cement Composites and Its Applications. MATERIALS, 15(21),

doi: 10.3390/ma15217420

2022 Khan, N. A., Shah, A. A., Chowdhury, A., Tariq, M. AUR., & Khanal, U. (221021). Rice farmers perceptions about temperature and rainfall variations, respective adaptation measures, and determinants: Implications for sustainable farming systems. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10

doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2022.997673

2022 Ali, S., Shah, A. A., Ghimire, A., & Tariq, M. AUR. (221017). Investigation the nexus between CO2 emissions, agricultural land, crop, and livestock production in Pakistan. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10

doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2022.1014660

2022 Mohiuddin, M., Hussain, Z., Abbasi, A., Ali, J., Irshad, M., Tariq, M. AUR., Intisar, A., Hina, A., Zaman, Q. U., & Ng, A. WM. (221001). Sawdust Amendment in Agricultural and Pasture Soils Can Reduce Iodine Losses. Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(20),

doi: 10.3390/su142013620

2022 Hassan, S., Shaukat, N., Ahmad, A., Abid, M., Hashmi, A., Shahid, M. LUR., Rajabi, Z., & Tariq, M. AUR. (221001). Prediction of the Amount of Sediment Deposition in Tarbela Reservoir Using Machine Learning Approaches. Water (Switzerland), 14(19),

doi: 10.3390/w14193098

2022 Ulain, Q., Ali, S. M., Shah, A. A., Iqbal, K. MJ., Ullah, W., & Tariq, M. AUR. (221001). Identification of Soil Erosion-Based Degraded Land Areas by Employing a Geographic Information SystemA Case Study of Pakistan for 1990-2020. Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(19),

doi: 10.3390/su141911888

2022 Nawaz, S., Irshad, M., Tariq, M. AUR., Mohiuddin, M., Ashraf, M., Bibi, S., Shaukat, N., Shah, A. A., & Ng, A. WM. (221001). Lead Extraction Methods in Roadside Soils and Its Relationship with Soil Properties. Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(20),

doi: 10.3390/su142013207

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Currently supervised research students at VU

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