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Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community wellbeing
  • Gender equity

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About Joanne Pyke

Dr Joanne Pyke is:

  • Director for the School for the Visitor Economy
  • Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC).
  • Chapter Director for the Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE)
  • Policy committee member, Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC)
  • Member, Tourism and Travel Research Association (TTRA)
  • Recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Research and Research Training (2013) (Research Team)
  • Recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship, 2006–09
  • Discipline Group Leader (tourism, hospitality, music and events), College of Business (2016-17)
  • Coordinator, Master of Tourism and Destination Management, 2017-18.

In October 2018, Joanne was appointed as Director, School for the Visitor Economy. The School is a Vice-Chancellor’s initiative designed to reinvigorate tourism, hospitality and events training, education and research as well as to build pathways across disciplines to support student employment pathways within Australia’s visitor economy as one of the fastest growing industrial sectors.

Joanne was awarded her PhD in 2010 by Victoria University and was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Community, Ethnicity and Policy Alternatives (ICEPA). She has since been employed in the Tourism and Events Research Group and was Discipline Group Leader for Tourism, Hospitality, Music and Events from 2016–18. 

Her work has focused on sustainable tourism, diversity and inclusion, community wellbeing and gender equity. Her most recent work has been on destination resilience and the impacts of social disruption and climate change on the tourism industry.

Joanne has been awarded research funding from diverse government and philanthropic funding agencies including the Australian Research Council, the Helen MacPherson Smith Trust, the Australia China Council, the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and the Department of Land, Water and Planning amongst others.

Since 2010, she has published 15 peer review academic publications, 13 technical reports for government funding agencies, and is a regular contributor to media articles in mainstream and academic publications.

Joanne has a career spanning higher education, state government and the not-for-profit sector and was formerly the Managing Director of Affirmative Action in Training Inc., an advisory and training organisation established to promote gender equity and diversity in non-traditional employment and training. Joanne was also a Lecturer in Leisure Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney and a policy and planning officer with the Victorian Department of Sport and Recreation.


  • PhD, School of Applied Economics, Victoria University
  • MA by research (Management), Victoria University
  • BA (Leisure Studies), RMIT University

Key publications

Year Citation
2022 Lindsay-Smith, G., Pyke, J., Gamage, A., Nguyen, V. K., & de, Lacy. (220401). Tourism operator mental health and its relationship with SME organisational resilience during disasters. Tourism Management Perspectives, 42

doi: 10.1016/j.tmp.2022.100961

2022 Law, A., Pyke, J., De, Lacy., & McGrath, G. M. (220301). Towards a community sensitivity index for tourism investment: A case study of regional Australia. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 50 (412-420).

doi: 10.1016/j.jhtm.2021.12.009

2022 Abonomi, A., Pyke, J., & De, Lacy. (220107). COLLABORATIVE PLANNING FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY OF THE HAJJ. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, 10(1), (133-151).

doi: 10.21427/D7VC7D

2021 Pyke, J., Lindsay-Smith, G., Gamage, A., Shaikh, S., Nguyen, V. K., de, Lacy., & Porter, C. (210101). Building destination resilience to multiple crises to secure tourism s future. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 26(11), (1225-1243).

doi: 10.1080/10941665.2021.1989000

2018 Alfarran, A., Pyke, J., & Stanton, P. (180918). Institutional barriers to women s employment in Saudi Arabia. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 37(7), (713-727).

doi: 10.1108/EDI-08-2017-0159

2018 Pyke, J., Law, A., Jiang, M., & de, Lacy. (180703). Learning from the locals: the role of stakeholder engagement in building tourism and community resilience.. Journal of Ecotourism, 17(3), (206-219).

doi: 10.1080/14724049.2018.1505586

2017 Baldassar, L., Pyke, J., & Ben-Moshe, D. (170426). The Vietnamese in Australia: diaspora identity, intra-group tensions, transnational ties and victim status. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 43(6), (937-955).

doi: 10.1080/1369183X.2016.1274565

2016 Pyke, J., De, Lacy., Law, A., & Jiang, M. (160901). Building small destination resilience to the impact of bushfire: A case study. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 28 (49-58).

doi: 10.1016/j.jhtm.2016.04.003

2016 Ben-Moshe, D., Pyke, J., & Kirpitchenko, L. (160101). The Vietnamese diaspora in Australia: Identity and transnational behaviour. Diaspora Studies, 9(2), (112-127).

doi: 10.1080/09739572.2016.1183891

2013 Baldassar, L., & Pyke, J. (131002). Intra-Diaspora Knowledge Transfer and New Italian Migration. International Migration, 52(4), (128-143).

doi: 10.1111/imig.12135

Research funding for the past 5 years

Please note:

  • Funding is ordered by the year the project commenced and may continue over several years.
  • Funding amounts for contact research are not disclosed to maintain commercial confidentiality.
  • The order of investigators is not indicative of the role they played in the research project.

Australia-ASEAN: 'New Normal for the Visitor Economy Supply Chain'
From: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government (DFAT)
Other investigators: Dr Xiaocui Lou, Prof Terry De lacy, Dr Thu-huong Nguyen
For period: 2022-2023
Evaluation of the Brimbank City Council local activation program
From: Brimbank City Council
Other investigators: Dr Thu-huong Nguyen
For period: 2022-2022
Not disclosed

Resilient Enterprises and Sustainable Employment in Tourism (RESET)
From: Victorian Higher Education Strategic Investment Fund
Other investigators: Dr Ancy Gamage, Dr Thu-huong Nguyen, Dr Riccardo Natoli, Dr Colin Drake, Ms Tania Milani, Prof Terry De lacy
For period: 2021-2022
UNWTO technical assistance mission to Fiji: A Rapid tourism industry human resources needs assessment.
From: UNWTO Management Vision and Priorities for 2018-2019
Other investigators: Dr Ancy Gamage, Prof Terry De lacy
For period: 2021-2021
Not disclosed

The Australian Hot Springs and Spa Industry and its Role in Regional Development
From: Australian Geothermal Association Scholarship
Other investigators: Prof Terry De lacy
For period: 2020-2022
Not disclosed

Project Jigsaw
From: NEM Australasia
Other investigators: Dr Xiaocui Lou, Prof Terry De lacy, Dr Hua Wang, Dr Khandakar Ahmed
For period: 2019-2019

Building Strength and Capability through Diversity
From: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Ltd, Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies
Other investigators: Prof Bruce Rasmussen, Dr Fiona Macdonald, Ms Celeste Young
For period: 2017-2021
Not disclosed

Supervision of research students at VU

Available to supervise research students

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Currently supervised research students at VU

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1 Doctor of Business Administration Principal supervisor
4 PhD Principal supervisor

Currently supervised research students at VU

Students & level Role
Doctor of Business Administration (1) Principal supervisor
PhD (4) Principal supervisor

Completed supervision of research students at VU

No. of students Study level Role
5 PhD Associate supervisor
1 PhD Principal supervisor

Completed supervision of research students at VU

Students & level Role
PhD (5) Associate supervisor
PhD (1) Principal supervisor


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