Contacts for collaborative & commercial research

Please contact us for further information about current technologies or the commercial application of our research focus areas.

We provide strategic advice, new and improved products, processes and technologies that can be applied by our partners in:

  • government
  • industry
  • the not-for-profit sector
  • other universities and research organisations.

David Kay, Executive Manager, Research Innovation & Industry

David Kay, Executive Manager

David has been working in the field of innovation for over 20 years in industry, government and university. He has a comprehensive perspective on collaboration creating value for all.

David's broad knowledge, skills and expertise enable him to develop collaborations across industries, technologies, cultures and generations by turning ideas into valuable products, processes or services.

David's focus at Victoria University translates into cultivating and executing collaborations with finance, industry and government to enable valuable research to be applied for the benefit of the economy, society and environment.

Phone: +61 3 9919 5440

Louise Bester, Research Contracts Manager

Louise Bester, Research Contracts Manager

Louise has been involved in negotiating, developing and critiquing legal documents for over 20 years. She has developed key expertise in contract law, with practical and commercial application in a University environment.

Louise previously practised as a lawyer in South Africa, and worked in the government sphere as a legal advisor. She gained extensive commercially-focused experience working in the film industry.

She understands how to successfully operate and provide high standards of service delivery in a fast paced, demand-driven environment.

Contact Louise for all research contracts.

Phone:+61 3 9919 5365