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  • Enterprise information systems
  • Small business and technology adoption
  • Social media

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About Carmine Sellitto

Carmine Sellitto is an Honorary Professor at Victoria University and has links to the Victoria University Business School, Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC), the Centre for Applied Informatics (CAI) and the Sport Business Insights Group (SBIG).

Dr Sellitto has investigated innovation, e-commerce/marketing adoption across a variety of business domains including tourism providers and Australian-based wineries. He gained his PhD from RMIT University in 2003 where he was awarded the student research innovation award.

Dr Sellitto has also published widely on topics associated with e-business, sport, information management and technology, website analysis, tourism and IT, Internet-marketing, information quality and small business technology adoption.

Carmine has (co)authored more than 150 articles in journals, books, conference proceedings and book chapters. Some of his journal articles have appeared in

  • International Journal of Retail & Distribution
  • Sport Management Review
  • Telematics and Informatics
  • the Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration
  • Australasian Journal of Information Systems
  • SAGE Open
  • Information Technology and Management
  • Information Systems Frontiers
  • Journal of Information Technology and Tourism, Management,
  • Journal of Information Science,
  • Managing Sport and Leisure.


Carmine has been involved in numerous competitive grants as a lead or as a chief investigator support role. He was the lead researcher on 2017 Australia-ASEAN Council Grant. It brought together academics from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines in partnership with Victoria University (VU) to enable knowledge exchanges on the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in bolstering small businesses.

Carmine was also coordinator for the Incubator program & chief investigator in the successful 2018 Australia Awards Fellowships grant that examined the use of mobile devices to address disadvantage among Vietnamese small businesses.


  • PhD in Business (RMIT University), Australia, 2003

Key publications

Year Citation
2017 Hawking, P., & Carmine, Sellitto. (170101). Developing an Effective Strategy for Organizational Business Intelligence (pp. 222-237). IGI Global.

doi: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2382-6.ch010

Year Citation
2020 Chmait, N., Robertson, S., Westerbeek, H., Eime, R., Sellitto, C., & Reid, M. (200401). Tennis superstars: The relationship between star status and demand for tickets. Sport Management Review, 23(2), (330-347).

doi: 10.1016/j.smr.2019.03.006

2018 Phonthanukitithaworn, C., & Sellitto, C. (180504). Perceptions of service quality at football stadiums: influence on fans intention to attend future games. Managing Sport and Leisure, 23(3), (204-224).

doi: 10.1080/23750472.2018.1544850

2017 Phonthanukitithaworn, C., & Sellitto, C. (171201). Facebook as a second screen: An influence on sport consumer satisfaction and behavioral intention. Telematics and Informatics, 34(8), (1477-1487).

doi: 10.1016/j.tele.2017.06.011

2017 Burgess, S., Sellitto, C., Cox, C., Buultjens, J., & Bingley, S. (170901). An Innovation Diffusion Approach to Examining the Adoption of Social Media by Small Businesses: an Australian Case Study. PACIFIC ASIA JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 9(3), (1-23).
2017 Hawking, P., & Sellitto, C. (170701). Business Intelligence Strategy. International Journal of Business Intelligence Research, 8(2), (17-30).

doi: 10.4018/ijbir.2017070102

2017 Hawking, P., & Sellitto, C. (170401). A fast-moving consumer goods company and business intelligence strategy development. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 13(2), (22-33).

doi: 10.4018/IJEIS.2017040102

2016 Sellitto, C., Bingley, S., & Burgess, S. (161201). A Model for Evaluating Mobile Device Adoption in Community Sports Organizations. Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, 36(4), (211-218).

doi: 10.1177/0270467617726221

2016 Phonthanukitithaworn, C., Sellitto, C., & Fong, M. WL. (161101). A Comparative Study of Current and Potential Users of Mobile Payment Services. SAGE Open, 6(4),

doi: 10.1177/2158244016675397

2016 Phonthanukitithaworn, C., Sellitto, C., & Fong, M. WL. (160404). An investigation of mobile payment (m-payment) services in Thailand. Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration, 8(1), (37-54).

doi: 10.1108/APJBA-10-2014-0119

Research funding for the past 5 years

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  • Funding is ordered by the year the project commenced and may continue over several years.
  • Funding amounts for contact research are not disclosed to maintain commercial confidentiality.
  • The order of investigators is not indicative of the role they played in the research project.

Using mobile devices to address disadvantage among Indonesian and Vietnamese small businesses
From: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government (DFAT)
Other investigators: Dr Scott Bingley, Dr Stephen Burgess
For period: 2018-2018

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2 PhD Principal supervisor
2 Doctor of Business Administration Principal supervisor

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PhD (5) Associate supervisor
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PhD (2) Principal supervisor
Doctor of Business Administration (2) Principal supervisor


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