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  • Solid waste management
  • Catalytic pyrolysis
  • Polymer science and technology
  • Sustainable packaging development
  • Wastewater recovery

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About Ashfaq Ahmed

Dr Ashfaq Ahmed has an internationally recognised track record in process development for sustainable energy production via advanced thermochemical conversion processes, biomass, biosolids, and plastic waste valorisation for energy and value-added materials production, polymer science and technology, sustainable packaging development and wastewater treatment. This track record has been acquired through diversified research and industrial experience in top-ranked institutions in Australia, South Korea, Brunei, Qatar, and Pakistan.

To date, Ashfaq has published 51 peer-reviewed journal articles along with a book chapter and seven international conference presentations.

Moreover, Ashfaq has vast experience of teaching and supervision both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has served as a lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan, and as a research professor at the University of Seoul, South Korea, for a collective period of approximately eight years. 


  • PhD (Chemical Engineering), UBD, Brunei, 2019
  • M.Sc (Chemical Engineering), PU Lahore, Pakistan, 2012
  • B.Sc (Chemical Engineering), BZU Multan, Pakistan 2008

Key publications

Year Citation
2023 Fatima, A., Daood, S. S., Inaam, S., Babar, Z. B., Ahmed, A., Zafar, M., Qaisrani, T. M., Razzaq, A., Rashid, M. U., & Kim, S. (230401). Investigation on the Beneficiation of Fluorite-ore using a mixture of Oleic acid and Palmitic acid via Froth Flotation. Environmental Engineering Research, 28(3),

doi: 10.4491/eer.2022.123

2022 Amir, M., Fazal, T., Iqbal, J., Din, A. A., Ahmed, A., Ali, A., Razzaq, A., Ali, Z., Rehman, M. SU., & Park, Y. K. (221125). Integrated adsorptive and photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutical micropollutant, ciprofloxacin employing biochar-ZnO composite photocatalysts. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 115 (171-182).

doi: 10.1016/j.jiec.2022.07.050

2022 Sarwar, B., Khan, A. U., Fazal, T., Aslam, M., Qaisrani, N. A., & Ahmed, A. (221001). Synthesis of Novel MOF-5 Based BiCoO3 Photocatalyst for the Treatment of Textile Wastewater. Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(19),

doi: 10.3390/su141912885

2022 Abdullah, I., Ahmad, N., Hussain, M., Ahmed, A., Ahmed, U., & Park, Y. K. (220501). Conversion of biomass blends (walnut shell and pearl millet) for the production of solid biofuel via torrefaction under different conditions. Chemosphere, 295

doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2022.133894

2022 Chowdhury, T., Chowdhury, H., Rahman, M. S., Hossain, N., Ahmed, A., & Sait, S. M. (220310). Estimation of the healthcare waste generation during COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. Science of the Total Environment, 811

doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.152295

2022 Hamayun, M. H., Hussain, M., Shafiq, I., Ahmed, A., & Park, Y. K. (220201). Investigation of the thermodynamic performance of an existing steam power plant via energy and exergy analyses to restrain the environmental repercussions: A simulation study. Environmental Engineering Research, 27(1),

doi: 10.4491/eer.2020.683

2022 Jamil, F., Aslam, M., Al-Muhtaseb, A. H., Bokhari, A., Rafiq, S., Khan, Z., Inayat, A., Ahmed, A., Hossain, S., & Khurram, M. S. (220201). Greener and sustainable production of bioethylene from bioethanol: Current status, opportunities and perspectives. Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 38(2), (185-207).

doi: 10.1515/revce-2019-0026

2022 Amin, M. N., Ahmed, A., Li, Y., Li, C., Zhang, S., Ammar, M., & Park, Y. K. (220201). Ex-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of low-rank coal over HZSM-5 and modified Mg/HZSM-5 catalysts. International Journal of Energy Research, 46(2), (891-899).

doi: 10.1002/er.7211

2022 Shabir, M., Shezad, N., Shafiq, I., Maafa, I. M., Akhter, P., Azam, K., Ahmed, A., Lee, S. H., Park, Y. K., & Hussain, M. (220125). Carbon nanotubes loaded N,S-codoped TiO2: Heterojunction assembly for enhanced integrated adsorptive-photocatalytic performance. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 105 (539-548).

doi: 10.1016/j.jiec.2021.10.012

2022 Inayat, A., Ahmed, A., Tariq, R., Waris, A., Jamil, F., Ahmed, S. F., Ghenai, C., & Park, Y. K. (220113). Techno-Economical Evaluation of Bio-Oil Production via Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Process: A Review. Frontiers in Energy Research, 9

doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2021.770355

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