We are committed to high-impact social-justice and translational research. Our research strength and reputation has been built over two decades and provides a strong foundation for life-changing and world-changing research outcomes.

In 2020, VU extended this tradition to include a commitment to planetary health and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through research that addresses the health and wellbeing of people, place and planet.

$1 million

In 2020, we have invested a million dollars in new research related to planetary health.

25 projects

Across several research areas, 25 new projects tackle the big issues facing the community and our planet.

42 partners

We are collaborating with industry, community and government to anchor our research in real-world scenarios.

Research projects

A deep history of working with communities to address local challenges provides a strong foundation for our research to advance place-based planetary health.

Twenty-five new research projects contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are captured in four broad categories: Country, Cities and Regions, Community, and Changing Environments.

Read about our latest projects in place-based planetary health.

Our planetary health researchers are funded by Victoria University, plus the Australian Research Council, NHMRC, federal and state governments, industry, philanthropic donations and community grants.

Research institutes & centres

Our research institutes and centres are leading the way in pioneering responses to planetary health challenges.