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Courses in planetary & community health

VU offers a broad range of courses across vocational education (TAFE) and higher education (university) addressing planetary health, and community health and sustainability.

Read about some of our higher education courses in the area.

People, Place & Planet | Study Essential online module

In response to inquiries about the significance of planetary health, the Learning Hub is creating a study module on the topic. Initially for first-year students, the module will examine what a commitment to people, place and planet means for our studies and careers.

This one-hour online module will be available in 2022 for students, and subsequently for staff.

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Sustainable development goals

VU has made a strategic commitment to protecting Country and addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at every opportunity.

The 17 SDGs align with VU’s strong tradition of social justice and our moral purpose of transforming the lives of students and communities. We are holding ourselves accountable for protecting Country and contributing to the SDGs through our curriculum, student support, and community outreach.