We are committed to leading by example and taking care of our own backyard. We are making all Victoria University campuses and spaces welcoming, inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable through collaboration with our students, our staff and our communities.

University initiatives

Bicycle maintenance by V4U Day vollies.

Energy & greenhouse gas efficiency

We encourage our staff to reduce greenhouse gases by riding a bike to work, carpooling, or taking public transport. VU offers free shuttle buses to take staff and students to and from local train stations for many of our campuses.

Rainwater & recycled water

Our rainwater harvesting and backwash treatment facility at our Footscray Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre saves approximately 2 million litres of water annually. We also reuse bathroom water for our landscaping. [Read more following.]

More on water conservation

VU reduces campus water consumption through use of rainwater tanks on Footscray Park and Sunshine campuses for reticulating to bathrooms and for landscape use. Our state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting and backwash treatment facility at our Footscray Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre saves approximately 2 million litres of water annually. The pool backwash water is filtered and treated for re-use in the pool. VU has a treatment plant and backflow protection for laboratories and other potential contamination areas which are tested annually to prevent any potential for pollutants in water waste.

5 Star Green Buildings

All new buildings at VU are designed to a minimum '5 Star Green Star – Education' rating. The Sport and Learning Precinct building at Footscray Park Campus features an array of sustainable design features and state-of-the-art sport and exercise science facilities and learning spaces.

School garden sign 'Sustainability street'

Waste & recycling

Almost everything can be re-used or recycled at VU! We provide recycle bins for paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, plastic, toner cartridges and scrap metal (Sunshine Campus). Mobile phones can be recycled in special bins located at each library and we reuse furniture and electronic equipment in our offices and teaching areas too.

Social & environmentally responsible investment fund

The University seeks to invest as a socially responsible community member by allocating funds into a responsible investment fund. This fund will assist investments that demonstrate positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) characteristics and factors.

Renewable energy purchase

We will identify how VU, through a renewable power purchase agreement (PPA), can purchase its 28GWh power requirement from renewable energy sources. Our goal is to become 100% renewable powered by 2021 and 100% carbon neutral by 2025.

Staff & student initiatives

Buy, swap & sell at VU

In the spirit of planetary health, this group has been established with the intention of encouraging everyone at VU to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Help limit your contributions to landfill by recycling your preloved goods through our Yammer community forum (staff only).

Offices without single-use plastic

Our aim is to stop use of single-use plastics and takeaway cups, and to recycle in VU's offices. We supply reusable cups and bags, and take office material for recycling.

To find out more email [email protected].

Cafes & shops without single-use plastic

VU values sustainability and as is partnering with on-campus retailers and researchers to phase out single-use plastics and find alternative sustainable-packaging solutions.

Email your interest to [email protected].

Proposed projects

Vertical garden

Developing VU into a green, sustainable & climate-smart campus

This project will develop a green living lab on VU campuses, which will comprise green roofs, walls and facades. Such a living lab will be used for both research and teaching.

Biodiversity on VU campuses

In partnership with researchers, Moondani Balluk, academic staff, students and facilities, we will create a series of projects to enhance each campus's local biodiversity and sustainability.
Email: [email protected]

Greening the west

'Greening the West' is a regional initiative to enrich communities in Melbourne’s west through the development of green spaces. Urban greening can be a low-cost strategy that will bring high-impact results – environmentally, economically and, crucially, for the health and wellbeing of the communities of the west. VU has joined with key organisations in the Greening the West alliance in support of place-based planetary health, and will look to join existing initiatives (e.g. 1 Million Trees for Melbourne’s West) and advocate for new projects to make the west greener.
Email: [email protected]
Website: Greening the West