In July 2022, Victoria University (VU) and Orygen launched a partnership aiming to boost the youth mental health workforce capacity, and ultimately improve mental health outcomes for young people.

Our partnership will grow the mental health workforce of the state’s northwest region through providing education and training opportunities for VU health students, and focus on collaborative research projects that aim to address the many challenges in Australia’s youth mental health sector.

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About Orygen

Orygen is Australia's centre of excellence in youth mental health. They believe that all young people deserve to grow into adulthood with optimal mental health, with their work, research and education is centred around this mission. Orygen believe in treating early and focusing on recovery, pioneering reform in this medical field to deliver real-world, practical solutions.

Working directly with young people, their families and friends, Orygen lead new and positive approaches to the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, through:

  • world-leading research that is impactful with the ability to create real change
  • education, using research and evidence-based practice to develop innovative training programs and provide resources to see young people with mental ill-health getting well, and staying well
  • clinical care services reaching young people in the west and northwest of Melbourne
  • advocacy work to ensure policymakers understand the significance and cost implications of mental ill-health in young people.

About our partnership

Our partnership will result in generating a more skilled and qualified workforce – as well as expanding our research opportunities and deepening our support for young people experiencing mental ill-health.

VU's partnership with Orygen will create:

  • work placements for students studying psychology, nursing, and social work, with more than 50 placements at first expected to increase to approximately 100 per year, as well as greater employment opportunities for these graduates
  • industry-focused education, with essential industry knowledge from Orygen feeding into the curriculum of relevant health courses at VU
  • a co-located facility on our Werribee Campus to provide enhanced support for communities in the area and opportunities for student placements and employment, and supporting Victoria University's Flipped Campus strategy
  • joint research between VU and Orygen, with a focus on developing the most effective clinical and allied health practice to support young people experiencing mental ill-health.

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