Victoria University's extensive industry networks create opportunities for our students and researchers, and the communities we serve.

Partnerships enhance the student experience and graduate outcomes, contributing to the demand for our educational services and underpinning our sustainability. By seeking to understand industry and community requirements, we can provide relevant, quality teaching and research that meets the needs of our partners, local industry and community and beyond.

Major sporting partnerships

College & research partnerships

Our research institutes and centres conduct collaborative research with government, industry and other universities. Each of our discipline-focused colleges and schools offers dozens of placements within their industries, and has strong ties with specific organisations. Cross-university schools partner with organisations in their area, across disciplines. Find out about the institutes, colleges and schools and discover opportunities for study or research. 

Watch our videos on our partnerships and opportunities. | Find out how to work with our students. | Find out how to work with our researchers.

College connections

Research institute partnerships

Cross-university schools

Partner with VU

Partner with us for genuine and strong collaborations that:

  • reflect our strategic plan and research focus areas
  • offer productive and valuable outcomes for both parties
  • are based on shared values and aims
  • foster a two-way exchange of knowledge and opportunity.