My big new idea at VU competition

Tell us about your big new idea for VU and win prizes to the value of $500! 

Your big new idea at VU can be:

  • a solution to a problem that bugs you at your campus
  • a creative new idea for a business activity at the campus
  • a new product idea to sell to students at VU
  • a new or improved service idea at your campus.

It needs to be something that is achievable and therefore shouldn't require a large investment of money.

Who can enter the competition?

All VU students can enter. This includes students at any campus (including offshore) and at any level of study (VE, FE or HE).

As off-shore students study their VU course on another University’s campus, not a VU campus, their Big new idea could focus on:

  • how VU services can be improved at off-shore sites
  • solutions to problems caused by distance
  • ways to improve interaction between VU students who are spread across the globe.

Why enter the competition?

Here is your chance to contribute to the creation of new knowledge at VU and perhaps a better experience for students at VU's Australian and off-shore locations. Demonstrate your skills in creativity, problem solving, thinking outside the box, or just being innovative. 

It's also a great way to provide evidence of your skills to future employers and improve your resume. Employers are always looking for graduates who can demonstrate that they are creative and innovative thinkers.


The winner will receive a voucher for the value of $500 which can be used for a range of services including iTunes, movies, petrol, etc.

There will be one $500 voucher awarded for the best idea submitted by a student studying in Australia, and one for a student studying at an offshore location

For students studying in Melbourne, these additional prizes are available:

  • 5 days of paid work experience at VU
  • the opportunity to participate in a workshop to develop your entrepreneurial talents.

How to enter

You need to write clearly about your big new idea, in no more than 200 words in total, answering four questions:

  • What is my big new idea?
  • Why is it a good idea for VU?
  • Who will benefit from this idea?
  • What evidence is there that there is a need for this idea and that it is achievable?

This competition has now closed. Thank you for your interest. 

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