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VU’s three and a half thousand pieces of toast that sing!

Oracle­ is an interactive art installation created by engineers and scientists at Victoria University as part of Big West Festival which runs until 1 December.

Oracle is a complex exhibition of intricately designed large scale kinetic art installations each designed to interact with the audience in unique ways.

Inspired by the oracles of ancient myths and legends, each installation makes use of robotics and scientific principle to respond to physical presence or oral commands to engage the participant. The installations are designed to engage audiences of all ages.

Victoria University project leader, Nick Athanasiou explains that Oracle is a very kinetic experience – a fusion of art and science.

“There are three meter tall bubble sculptures that erupt into flames, stretches of forests that decay and are reborn before your very eyes, and a very large wall consisting of three and half thousand pieces of toast that sing.”

Nick is a member of Skunk Control, a group of engineers and scientists from the College of Engineering and Science at Victoria University who created Oracle. The group collective run diverse community outreach programs and general science units and are part of the team that run the University’s Foundation Studies program.


Where: 130 Gamon St. Yarraville. 

When:   22 November to 1st December at  Big West Festival.

              Monday-Friday 2.00pm -7.30pm

              Saturdays 10am-2pm then 5.00pm-8.00pm

              Sundays 10am-2pm


Nick Athanasiou is available for interview: 9919 4233 or 0401 673 367


Media contact:

Christine White,

Public Affairs Unit, Victoria University,

9919 4322; 0434 602884; [email protected]



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